Hostel h***

Its a common scenario in boys hostels but initially its quiet embarrasing.
it was only the third day of my hostel life.after dinner many of the first year students were taking a night walk in the garden.i was also talking to few batchmates.suddenly one of them asked me"do you wear underwear inside the shorts?'' i replied hesitatingly" its feel uneasy,so i don't".
To my surprise,it might have been barely just a few seconds that i had uttered those words(may be 5 seconds),and before i could react my shorts was suddenly pulled down by someone from the back and the guy whose face i couldn't see lifted me naked on his shoulders.the guy(malay) who had asked the question now held my shorts and tore it apart into two pieces.
I was very much embarrased.all the guys out there laughed at my nakedness.the guy(swarup)who had held me on his shoulers was a body builder and soon he held my buttocks with his hands and hung me up in the air.i tried to get free of him but with one hand he reached for my testicles and pressed them hard causing intense pain to me.he then grasped my flaccid p**** and tried to expose the bulb but couldn' that moment everyone discovered that i had phimosis.finally i was taken to my room and i cried like h*** that night.
After that day,swarup made me naked on several occasions.sometimes 3-4 times in a day.i had heard others speaking that he had vowed to expose my bulb.on several occasions,after pulling of my pants he would tightly grasp me in bed and then he would irritate my p**** and it would cause only erection and pain.once in frustation he bit my prepuce with his teeth.
Soon others too started pulling down my shorts.but incidences decreased much.
2years passed by.
I shall tell the rest sometimes later.i'm not feeling good.

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  • Read - from the other side - good for a laugh!

  • Its true that swarup jerked me off only in the 3rd yr first time.but before that i had been finished by his mouth a thousand times.from the first yr itself he pulled down my shorts and sucked my d*** 4-5 times a day and drink my c** and made my b**** empty.sometimes he would disturb for more times but my d*** would not get erect and he would simply suck it.

  • Hmm was this some sort of homosexual hostel? These bullies had some strange behavior. Wierd s*** happens to people, I say if their still doing this sort of thing try to explain to them how wrong this is, if that doesn't work defend yourself, use a weapon if u have to.

  • The boy swarup was a big giant.he had almost made everyone to dance to his tunes except my roommate rajeev,who too was a body-builder.but to everyone's surprise,swarup had made a big day,while in 3rd year he thought of executing it.
    While i had gone for lunch and rajeev for his bath.swarup and his friends entered our room and poured itching powder over rajeev's underwear.when rajeev wore the same,initially he felt nothing.but sometimes after wearing the pyajamas,he felt itchy.soon we saw swarup and his gang enter our room.he abused rajeev and got into a fight.i tried to intervene but others caught me.they fought badly.but today was swarup's day.rajeev felt uneasy because of itching sensation.swarup overcame rajeev's resistance and caught his testicles and pressed hard.he was about to open the chain but rajeev fought hard and slapped swarup twice.this angered swarup and he held rajeev up and put one of his hands inside rajeev's pyajamas and rajeev gave out a loud cry when his testicles when brutally crushed with the next instant we saw swarup pull down rajeev's pyajamas and underwear in one go.rajeev lost and he was total naked.swarup lifted rajeev on his shoulders and dumped him on the bed nearby.though i was the roomate for the last 2 years i had never seen him so helpless.

    Days passed by.the common mischief in hostel slowed down.i myself became victim may be once in a month.but one day everything changed..

    It was a rainy morning.i had just woken up and was brushing my teeth in the verandah.suddenly,someone from the back pulled down my shorts and with one hand tightly closed my mouth and caught hold of my semi-hard p**** with the other.he irritated it against my constant resistance.soon it was fully hard.he grasped my organ tightly near the tip and retracted the skin in one full j***.i lost my breath out of pain for a moment.but he had held my mouth tightly so i couldn't give out a cry.when i recovered my breath i saw that my bulb was..

  • Now i'm telling the rest part of my confession

  • I'll tell the scenario of the hostel in's very embarrasing to tell too but i've to.

  • That my bulb was fully exposed and dark pink in colour.he then gave 2-3 more jerks and the little adhesions that might have been left was torn too.
    My rod was fully erect with a newly exposed bulb.he lifted me on his shoulders and walked straight to a room.there he dropped me down and to my astonishment it was swarup's room.the guy who did the act was a 2nd yr junior and swarup's roommate.
    I had feared swarup so much in the last 2 years that i couldn't speak.swarup caught me and pinned me down on his bed.he took my now limp p**** and retracted the skin to make sure the job entrusted was done.he was so mad with joy,that he started jerking my p****.in around 5 mins he jerked me off.for the first time i saw my c** coming out.i had never jerked off before..

  • He then gave me a towel and i went back to my room.but he followed me and pulled off the towel before i could reach my door.i cried like h***.many gathered there soon.the junior explained them the whole incident.they patted on his back for achieving what the rest couldn't do.this worked as a stimulus for him.i went inside my room and locked it from inside and wore my shorts.but my p**** was very painful and soon it swelled up near the tip.rajeev brought some ice to apply.slowly it went away in a few days..

  • The junior(prateek) was now on a rampage in the hostel.he spread the story to every junior about how he had exposed my bulb with one strong retraction.and soon everyone came to know that he and swarup were gay.

  • I feel sorry for you after reading your confession.are you the only major victim?you must inform it to your warden.take necessary precautions but i don't see your condition would improve much as you have been raped by many!u must have been enjoying it!

  • On the occasion of my birthday the s*** happened.swarup and his gang got rid of my trousers.he held me tightly and they took photographs.swarup then entered his hands inside my briefs and brought my p**** out.soon the brief was tore apart.the cake was smashed on my face.prateek retracted the p****.and next thing i remember is that they held me in the sky and made me wear a jockey underwear as a gift.

  • The photos soon reached the girls.they started saying,''you have a good d***,just save your pubes off''.
    I started wearing tight shorts with buttons.swarup and his gang came to learn about it.a few days later,prateek attacked me from behind and tried to pull down my shorts.but couldn't.i was almost half his weight so he easily lifted me up and took to his room.after locking the door from inside,swarup held me upside down and unbuttoned my shorts and prateek pulled out my limp p****.swarup sucked it and soon it became erect.swarup now ordered prateek to remove my shorts.prateek pulled up my shorts with both hands and out of my legs.swarup sucked my d*** and testicles like h***.
    After a little,prateek dropped his pyajamas and put one my hands inside his briefs.i was very afraid.i found his c*** was rock solid.he dropped his briefs and i saw his huge meat.mine was only 6 inches but his was around 9 inches.he placed it near my mouth.he closed my nose with one hand and thrusted his d*** into my tasted really bad.his bulb was very warm.soon he gaged me with his c*** and the whole length entered my poor mouth.he made me suck hard.meanwhile swarup made my d*** to climax and it let it out c** which he completely drank and made me dry.soon he brought out my d***.then he held my butocks apart and reached for my a*** hole.he plunged one of his fingers inside it.i tried to cry out in pain but while trying to do so prateek's p**** reached upto my throat and i lost breath for a moment.soon he came inside my mouth and his d*** started jerking on its own.his hot c** ran down my throat and he made me drink it.

  • You have mentioned that swarup jerked you off in 3rd yr first time.why didn't u c** in previous?

  • Swarup dropped me on the floor.he said,"for the last 2 years i have been thinking of making you its time to do that baby.your c** is really suck my one".soon he unzipped and prateek held me in kneel down position.swarup brought out his limp d*** and made me suck.there was a knock at the door.he let me free.i wore my shorts.the gatekeeper had come to give a letter.i escaped from there.
    I started wearing new shorts with chains.but they were not too tight.prateek and swarup got rid of them several times.swarup had made everyone in the hostel naked thousand times already including me.prateek had already lifted me naked more than a hundred times.he now was on a goal to lift everyone naked.he had accomplished it with the juniors and batchmates.he wanted to do it to all seniors.many of my close friends soon fell prey to him.removing the shorts of seniors and lifting them naked and helpless on his shoulders was like a triumph for him.he even plundered many of the final year students.there were only a few who escaped being made naked in public.

  • Many a times swarup held me tight in public and pressed my d*** from outside.soon he started pulling down my shorts in public and sucking my c*** and jerking me off.he made my life h***.he started doing it every day.he started entering my room every now and then and he would unzip my chain and suck my d*** and drink the c**.sometimes he would j*** me off inside my shorts and pull off the shorts to reveal to others as if i had masturbated in my shorts.

  • On many occasions swarup tried to rape me on my bed but rajeev protected me.
    One day,when i returned from college there was a big crowd in the verandah.when i reached there i saw rajeev wearing just a t-shirt and prateek held him naked on his shoulders.infront was standing with rajeev's underwear in his hand.i saw the torn pieces of rajeev's shorts on the floor.swarup warned everyone that those who would wear briefs inside their shorts would be given same could wear briefs inside pyajamas.swarup then tore apart rajeev underwear.he brought out a scissor out of his pocket and trimmed of rajeev's pubic hairs as if they had never grown.rajeev was then made to kneel down and he was held tightly by swarup's gang.swarup covered rajeev's mouth.prateek took a knife and holding the limp p**** of rajeev in one hand,sliced off the skin covering the started bleeding.rajeev cried but we could do nothing.swarup's gang took rajeev to a local doctor and bandage was done to stop bleeding.
    My performance in academics declined and i had a poor score but passed the penultimate year.
    We entered the final year.almost everyone in my batch had fallen prey to prateek.rajeev was his main target.rajeev was more powerful than prateek but after the tragic incident,we saw prateek lift him naked in public hundreds of times and rajeev's bulb was always exposed as rajeev's terminal p**** skin had been sliced off.
    One day,we saw a rare scene.swarup pulled down prateek's shorts,lifted him totally nude on his shoulders and started sucking his d***.swarup walked into the garden and we saw him b****** to prateek but when prateek reached his climax swarup removed his mouth and the c** started falling on the ground.prateek was annoyed at this.he himself jerked off till all c** had come out.swarup pulled him down and hinted to everyone that he always liked to drink my c** not prateek's.prateek went inside to his room fully naked.swarup caught me and forcefully put his left hand......

  • And forcefully put his left hand inside my shorts.i struggled to get free but he unzipped the chain and my p**** came out.hostelers had seen him molesting me countless times but for the first time he unbuttoned and pulled down my shorts in day time and that too in the garden.he lifted me on his shoulders as usual and held my p**** in his hands and started jerking it.soon it was erect and he jerked me off.he threatened to rape me in public.
    The next day,i made some courage and applied to the warden.i left the hostel 2 months before my final exams.
    I worked hard and i passed.
    10 years have passed by.i'm succesful in my life.
    Those 4 years were h*** for me.its more dangerous than ragging.
    People must stop doing such things.
    Let there be peace.

  • I think you left the story incomplete have the guts and tell the climax.

  • The remaining part of the story was more painful for me.after jerking me off in the garden,he took me to his room.and there the s*** started.he made me sit on his bed and took out some jelly and forced a finger into my ass hole and inserted deep.he made me lie down and came over me,clutching me tightly and kissed my lips vigorously.his p**** started erecting and i could feel it.he than sat over my face,got out of his shorts and made me suck his 10 inch d***.within a few minutes he came in my mouth and he made me drink it and his hot load of c** ran down my throat.meanwhile prateek took a razor and completely shaved of my pubic hairs.swarup was now determined to have me.he took me to my room and after placing me on my bed he was about to rape me.but before he could rape me,a few friends came and saved me.

  • The next day i applied the warden to leave the hostel.The rest i've already told.

  • It appears that you were very weak even to your junior.nowadays these things happen rarely.

  • When prateek first attacked me,i was in 3rd yr.he had seen swarup making me naked or bring my d*** out of my pants many a times.the day he tore my skin adhesions and swarup jerked me off for the first time..

  • Prateek was the most dangerous guy in the hostel.he was feared by many seniors.swarup had made my prepuce loose in two might have been the reason why it got retracted as prateek gave one stroke.he used to pull down my shorts during the morning hours as at that time i was most vulnerable.he always attacked me from back and due to his quick reflexes he was able to pull down my shorts and lift me on his shoulders in no time.

  • Prateek was feared by of my friends aryan lost his girlfriend because of him.i heard prateek held aryan tightly infront of aryan's girlfriend and forcefully unzipped and brought out his lund.

  • Aryan tried his best to get free but to no happened in the balcony outside the aryan strived to get free,prateek unbuttoned aryans pants and brought it down.with the next move he dragged aryan to his gf and pulled down his chaddi and lifted him naked and threatened to throw him off the balcony if he wasn't allowed to take his gf's virginity.he gave up in fear.prateek caught hold of aryan's gf sanjana.and he pressed her b**** and slid his hand inside her skirt and panty.he penetrated his fingers in her p**** and with a big penetration tore off her hymen which made her cry loud.he paid no heed to it.he lifted her up and took her to a vacant room and there he finished her ripe p****.he made her suck his d***.then he unhooked her skirt and it slid down.with both his hands he pulled down sanjana's pink panties.and soon he thrusted into her and f***** the virginity out of her.she cried in pain but couldn't call for help out of fear.he came inside her and thus the beauty queen was f*****.soon she broke up with aryan.

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