I fancy being an escort..

I have a HUGE s** drive but don't get it as often as I would like so I'm considering joining an Edinburgh based escort agency then I get a lot of s** AND sort my money problems, I'm 19.

Sep 28, 2012

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  • I had three different s** slaves, one a married woman who all had this fantasy. All worked through high end agencies, loved their jobs. The married woman confessed to her husband and he begged and paid me handsomely to arrange for his wife to have s** in a room with a huge one way mirror. If you love s**, this is not a bad place to start, but down the road build a circle of men who are successful, have them build businesses that link to each other and funnel money to you. You can be in charge of Special Customer Service.

  • It sounds like you have it all figured out.As long as your doing it for you do it.Just be safe.Make sure to be the one in control.

  • No matter what anyone else says on here. I hope you get exactly what you are looking for and continue to be careful. The escort business is a tough line of work and I applaud anyone who can pull it off. Just remember that it's both the clients and bosses you have to be careful of. I'd hate to see a woman go into this line of work for the right reasons (I believe yours are the right reasons) and get taken advantage of. What I'm saying I guess is that if all escorts went in for the reasons you do, it would be a lot better business as a whole.

  • I think a woman who has s** for money is pretty awsome. i know a few girls who do this and they actually are some smart females with goals hopes and dreams like the rest of us. some people love s** and if u do it safe then it doesnt matter how many u sleep with. plus just enjoy what u do and do what u enjoy. im sure yes it dangerous but as long as u screen ur clients and work with an agency like u talk about then go get ur money baby. weekends and buisness trips can pay from 2 - 10 grand depending on ur client. like i said have fun and get that money baby.

  • This is a totally hot idea, and a great one, and I hope you're able to do it. Good luck!!

  • I'm curious to see what you mean by very very very very hot.

    If you are really that hot as you say, you stand to make millions as a Model. Why waste your time doing small time stuff.

  • I never said I was hot someone else did, i'm not some big headed idiot..

  • Is this a man or woman?

  • I'm a woman, just to clear that up

  • A very very very very hot woman. and a sexy woman.

  • As long as you're selective about your clientele (no scuzz, no druggies, no criminals), and are in a safe environment and using protection, I think it's a totally wonderful idea, and it will get you where you need to be, sexually, and perhaps start to calm the fires burning inside you. Plus, the money is spectacular. You can always quit if you decide it isn't for you, and no harm will be done, and if you ever do find a man you want to stay with or marry, this is something you could easily do on the side. You're young: enjoy yourself, enjoy your life, enjoy your new profession. HAVE FUN!

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