Im in love with this dj....well I am a

Im in love with this dj....well I am a married mum with a child...but I still love this dj...I see him as much as I can and I can't get him out of my head....

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Grow up. You can't be serious. Why be infatuated with a tool? HA

  • You're a dumb s***

  • Stay with your husband and kid they will be there for you in the end and will not let you down. This DJ has a rocky job he could lose his job at anytime. Most DJ's are all about drugs, alcohol and how many chicks they can have a night. He will get into your mind just to mess up your life I hope you stay by your man and forget about this DJ.

  • doug jonnson?

  • A Dead Jew?

  • Last night a DJ saved my life

  • a DJ? are you like, sixteen? what will this DJ do for your baby? for you? Oh, that's right, he'll feed and nourish you with faggy trance remixes. Stick with your husband, lose the pathetic 1990's douchewad.

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