Unprotected s** with multiple Chinese prostitutes

I'm a married US Naval Officer who recently completed a 6-month overseas Middle East deployment to Bahrain. While there, I foolishly had unprotected sexual intercourse with 5 Chinese "working girls" for a total of about 25 bareback exposures. I also had unprotected s** over a 2-month period for a total of about 100 times with a local Filipina girl. None of these women asked me to wear a condom, wich tells me that they must do this all the time. Scary, huh? Although I knew at the time that it was not only morally wrong but also a foolhardy gamble with my health, I simply could not make myself (a) stop patronizing the prostitutes and (b) wear a condom. I knew the crazy risks, but the idea of all that forbidden "naked" s** was just too tempting and I submitted to it... over and over again. It's only been 4 weeks since my last exposure and I'm symptom-free at this time. I fear I will test positive for one or more STDs, and I'm terrified of HIV. To make matters worse, I've already f***** 4 women since returning from Bahrain, all unprotected. Although I'm worried, I feel really turned on by my brazen acts of sexual rebellion. I find that I want to f*** more Chinese girls, and I know that when the opportunity presents itself, condoms will not be used. I'm a seriously f*****-up individual.

Sep 29, 2012

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  • Lack of impulse control is a clear sogn of of low intelligence. You gave your word to your wife, the men you lead and the country you serve. Yet here you are disgracing the wearing the uniform. Come clean and get out of my Navy.

  • Man that’s pretty screwed up you’re an officer on top of all that you’re supposed to uphold a certain level of dignity in your behavior

  • Ya I've barebacked at hundred to two hundred different chicks. Only one or two were hookers... and I mostly figured that out after the fact. It's addictive but risky.

  • I once had this same problem but that was in the past. I was hooked on the risks from the first time I did it. I have barebacked over 100 street hookers and got off to being inside strange women naturally and exploding inside them. It's a miracle I didn't catch anything. I advise you to seek help. I did and it was the best decision I ever made.

  • Where you found the Filipino girl

  • Good luck n goof health

  • If you went this far I hope you went ahead and exploded inside them

  • Not far off from being a murderer. Man up and do the right thing.

  • I used to be as sailor. they have s** with filipino men all men all the time. and they think they are partially immune to HIV. get tested dumbass

  • Impulse control can be super difficult. You know you have a serious problem. You know it is wrong. The Problem is that the guilt and sense of wrongness feed the thrill and make it more of a turn on. My suggestion is that you see a private therapist. I think you are going to wind up seriously hurting your wife and possibly killing her by giving her HIV or hepatitis C. Maybe then you will feel motivated to get help? you are a s** addict. You really should do something about the problem. Peace

  • S** is fun, and it's supposed to be, and it's meant to be enjoyed. Yes, a part of the thrill is the risk -- you already know that from all the cheating you've done on your wife -- but even THAT requires the exercise of responsibility. You need to focus your attention on the thrill you know exists in infidelity, and the thrill of laying down with new woman after new woman, and stop placing your health, your wife's health, and the health of your children, at risk. That's not thrilling; that's somewhere between stupid and pathological. Accept the factual limitation of unprotected s** as though it were a physical limitation, and enjoy your cheating AND allow yourself to remain in a position to enjoy your life. There are things out there -- things that live in the vaginal and a*** cavities of prostitutes -- that can't be killed with penicillin. Enjoy yourself, but stop being stupid. BE SAFE.

  • Enjoy your cheating? This isn't a COCA-COLA commercial this dumbass slept with prostitutes with NO CONDOM. It's bad enough he's s******* around on his wife when he's supposed to be serving our country but you beef up his head (not literally lol) telling him it's ok to eat. He wouldn't have to worry about it if he would keep it in his pants. His wife is holding down the fort while he's out gallavanting. Why even get married if you want "new women"? Smh people like you make this world shittier than it already is.

  • Ok yes he's wrong but you b******* because he did it over seas. Does kit make it better it be wasn't in the military?

    Ok truth be told yes your a dumb ass you know better then to sleep around with out a love glove. But let's be truthful if your in a high stress job or just a male and gone for months on end. Your going to go after what's presented to you. So for someone to rip on you for that is sad for that individual. They have clearly never been in that's situation. I thank you for serving your country. Just stop being a b*******.

  • That’s called lack of self-control you f****** piece of s***

  • Yeah your a d*******. Why expose other people to the consequences of your stupid actions? If you do test positive for any STD's or HIV you deserve it because you knew full well what was going to happen if you didn't wrap your willy. Dude these are WHORES. They've been ran through more than the interstate highway. Start writing your will now because in a few years your d*** is going to shrivel up and fall off. Good luck.

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