What the h*** is wrong with me

I seem to be able to pick up and enjoy the smell and (really weird part) taste of blood!
i am not trying to say that i'm a vampire, h*** no! but for some reason i've been like this for a while now.
it started when i was going through a rough part of my life and i was constantly cutting my arms and not caring, but one day i realized that i needed to stop half way in the middle of making a deep gash in my arm, and my mom was knocking on my door asking me to come out, and being the r***** that i was i spilled and the blade made a really bad cut that started to bleed like crazy. so i wrapped it really fast and it was seeping out from beneath the the piece of cloth that i tore off my junk shirt so to keep it from seeping threw my shirt i quickly put my mouth on the cut and started to suck the oozing blood so my mom wouldn't see anything.

i felt like a complete piece of s*** after that when i realized that i was hurting my mom the one person who cared. but mostly because after that i couldn't stop thinking about blood, and when a kid in my shop class got cut on a cutting tool i started to feel drool start to dribble out of my mouth. i don't understand what it was that made me feel addicted to this but, now i can't stand next to some one who's bleeding otherwise i have this urge to start sucking on the wound like a leech.

am i alone out there or are there others like me who have this problem? or am i just a freak.


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  • You are not alone out there buddy. I have the same problem. To me blood is like heaven. And whenever someone else gets a cut its all i can think about for the rest of the day. Alll you want to do is have a small taste( or at least thats what you think) but once you get you know you wont be able to get enough. My advice, so what i did, and get a blood donor. Just be carfull though cuz you will get any disease the donor has.

  • Hey,u have some problem.sorry but u r a little crazy.go to a doctor

  • There are other ways to express ur feelings of hurt and pain. Try talking to someone that u can trust or perhaps ask to speak to a trained psychologist to address the pain. You are just a normal person. The thing is, u are very sensual by nature and u may be connecting ur pain to the sexual arousal of blood, u have awakened a new sensation within u. Something that feels good and more dangerously so. It may be a phase...just don't hurt anyone...it turned me on a bit;)

  • I don't cut myself any more, so no need for a psychologist on that, as for sexual arousal thing,......i just like the taste of blood I don't get aroused by it, sorry

  • I like it too. But for me is mainly a visual thing I like the blood coming off my skin when I shave my legs. Once I had a stupid accident and a scissor cut me. Damn I was so euphorical! My dad wanted to call 911 and almost fainted LOL. I like to taste my menstrual blood though and I like to remember when I ruptured my hymen with my fingers and a little blood came out. I think I'm more gross than you actually. Sorry I got carried away

  • Yeah, i not trying to be rude, but yeah that is just alittle bit too much for me, no thank you. and also the shaving cut, and accidental cut are the kinds of bleeds that i enjoy, not from the reproductive organs.

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