I want to f*** him all day long

I am an 18 year old girl and i think about having s** with my friend all daylong... I get terribly wet when he looks straight at me. he's got this deep grey eyes. i picture him penetrating me and touching me. i happen to know he wants me too. but i cant act on it, since i'm on a committed relationship. but gooooooooood i've never craved for anyone so badly before. i cant stop thinking how it would feel. i want to f*** him in the shower with my body so wet and soapy. i want to s**** him on his bed on the kitchen floor on the couch while he helps me with homework, everrywhere. i am trying hard to keep me from undressing and making out with him everytime we are alone but i see him almost everyday, he's a close friend, a very hot close friend haha. i really like him, but i dont know if i would like to be with him. i mean my boyfriend really understands me as a whole person you know? not just as a hot chick, which i am afraid the other guy does. what should i do!?

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  • Fantasize the f*** out of this guy. In the meantime, decide what means more to you: your relationship with your current boyfriend, or whatever you could have with your hot friend. Then pick one.

  • This is a tricky one.... Personally at just 18 years old, I'd say go for it, let him have his wicked way with you.. As long as no one finds out. The feeling of him pounding into you will be worth every second. This is the age where you will crave s**. On the plus side it will stop you soaking your panties every day and save on the laundry.

  • You shouldn't let something like a relationship keep you from living out your sexual fantasies. S** is not an indicator of love, it is for recreational purposes.

  • Well if you really really luv him even moreee than your bf then well just wait until prom or homecoming.....ahhhh homecoming -looks distracted- anyway, the studies show a realationship lasts longrr if the guy makes the first move acctually that was with me .... at that age and its like your re-living wht i felt like and he made the first move at homecoming and were hapilly married if the prom or sumthin is gurls choice ask him as soon as possoible. o crap i forgot your 18 yu might be senior idk but if tou ar then good bt if not shxt so much typing anyway at the prom wait for a slow song and then go for a long kiss an bam your bf gf :] - caitlin hope it helped ps. im 22

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