I like j********** wearing my sister's panties

I like to wear my sister's panties and skirts when I j*******. It gets me really hard when I do it. Lately I have not jacked off without wearing them and sometimes can't even get hard until I put her panties on.



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  • I like wearing girls and I'm only 15 underwear a lot I especially like them after she has worn them when they are dirty I used to wear my sisters and my moms I love it I love using there bra's as well I j*** off over them as soon as I see them I get hard. Now I use my dads girlfriends bra and panties to j*** off over I love it I use her clean and dirty ones and tbh I like my dads gf she is very sexy I have Seen her with just her underwear on and her bum was so nice and I looked at her f**** and her b**** she is really sexy and I'd like to s*** her then I went out the room l, a couple days later I went to then room and got the same underwear as she was wearing when they where dirty I am wearing some of her panties now as I type this and there so sorry against my skin I love it soo much over the past couple months I have stole some of her underwear cus it feels good to wear them

  • I use to stick tampons up my a** it felt really good

  • I like it best when my sister's panties are dirty. And I wear them in her room. I want to tell her about it

  • You need to stop this childish game of dress up before it ruins your life.

  • If your sister uses tampons with the plastic applicators, push one of her used tampons back into the applicator and plunge it up your bum. It will make your sessions more intense with a b***** tampon up your bum.

  • You are sick. What if the sister has a STI? He could get that from her used tampon.

  • Wish I had a sister growing up to borrow panties from. I had to make do with my mothers and grandmothers. Now I'm married I use my wife and daughters panties. My wife has even let me f*** her while wearing her panties.

  • Try getting fully dressed in her clothes along with a blouse and bra, then pair it with some of her nylon socks and heels. You should also shave your armpits and legs to complete the illusion.

  • You need to find something else that gets you hard, so you can get hard without panties on. Most women find a guy that wears panties repulsive.

  • Go buy your own.

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