So f****** p***** off right now

Well it starts out like this my husband is sleeping and I hear his phone go off and I get and look and its an email from this web site and s*** so I click the email and read what he had confessed on here about my son and this my reply I think he is fake as f*** to my son he plays all nice to his face andthen goes on here and talks s*** aabout him now tell me how f****** fake is that plus he is tell some of my personal past business on here as well wow I would have never thought that he was that low and then on the other hand I have to think is he being fake with me as well I don't know but he has also told friends of mine that he don't plan on being with me no longer then five year cause I guess after five years of marriage if it don't work out the husband has to pay the wife alimony so idk but only time will tell

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  • If he does leave you, I completely understand why. You aren't worth staying with if you are going to act the way you just admitted to.

  • PLEASE learn how to use punctuation and write actual sentences. I don't bother with unreadable shithole confessions like your's.

  • Number one f*** face like u said its venting and husband don't plan on leaving so go f*** yourself and whos ever wife u f****** for all I care go hang yourself in your basement somewhere .

  • You are a snooping untrustworthy b****! How dare you invade his privacy. The point of this website is to vent your confessions anonymously so you can get on with the rest of your life. Your husband has been trying to make it work and you destroy the only mode of release he has? No wonder why he is considering leaving you, if it was me, I would have done it a lot sooner. You should be thankful that he chose to simply vent online instead of going out and cheating on you. THEN you would have a legitimate reason to be angry with him. You really are as dumb as your typing makes you sound.

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