I love to wear panties and beat off while my wife watches. We have been married for 15 years now and she likes to watch me. sometimes she will pull my panties down and put a d**** in my ass while I stroke my c***. I have to confess, his is so hot.

Oct 9, 2012

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  • Big deal. I get completely dressed with makeup and heals and go to adult theaters and p*** shops and f*** and suck every patron interested. When I leave Iā€™m covered with c** and my c** filled panties stick to my sore ass ! ā€¦. I love it !

  • Panty jerking is nothing new....Vanity Fair stained panties ,uh huh. they work well.

  • What you mean panty jerking is nothing new . V F stained panties ,work well what do you mean by that. Does you your wife or someone else's wife watch you jerking off either way you are a lucky guy if that's the case so jealous to have know there are wife's about like that still I have had nothing to arouse me for the last 8 years with my own wife as she always wears jeans and pants.

    Please reply ASAP.šŸ˜œ

  • Lots of guy s beat off wearing or using them to c**.... I have for years.

  • Nice lucky guy my fiance let's me wear satin panties satin lingerie and leggings but like she told me to wear what ever I want to. And she told me to never change for anyone.

  • My panty fantasies were never fulfilled.......all I ever get is my right hand. If she were to die I am not sure what I would do?!

  • Maybe buy the pretties I want....panties made for men.

  • Do you want a real man

  • I have f***** my wife with my panties pulled to the side,so sexy.also have been jerked off by wife ,untillxshe gets tired and tells me to j*** myself.She watches as i m********* my d*** with panties pulled to the side.Love when she tells me to c**,i j*** faster ,proudly trying to c** for her.

  • Your one lucky guy to have a wife like yours who true to please her husband in that way. Was it silky knickers? as we call them in U K. Did you feel your silk knickers pressing against her as you were f****** her c*** . Does she šŸ˜œ prefer to watch you m********** with you knickers pulled to the side rather than doing it for you.

    Is this what you are implying ????. Obviously she likes saying that to you as just maybe she is about to c** in her knickers at the same time silky ones I hope, does she ever show up her skirt when you are both out in coffee shops etc . My main fetish does she wear stockings a girdle that used to turn me on for years looking up my mum's skirt can supply email if interested in communication with one another.

    In any case get back to me asap with your thoughts and update on your wife's reaction to things is she old or quite young .?

  • I want you to pull my panties to the side and suck on my c***

  • Iā€™d love to suck your c***

  • Get her a strap-on.

  • Yes, a black one so she can let her imagination run wild

  • Black one???!! So the color contrast will m as me it as pleat she f****** a black men??

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