Perfect features...of a man.

So I am a female..
A bit overweight, but I consider myself average looking, and I can look very attractive with the proper make up..
However..recently one night, I got insanely bored, and decided to see what I would look like as a man. So i straighted my hair to make it swishy, darkened my eyebrows a bit, and put on a fake beard using eye shadow. At first i was just playing around, but I liked it a bit. So i took off the rest of my eye make up.. And i swear to you, I have never seen a more attractive male in my life.
I know I'm not a male, and I don't want to be. I'm straight as well. But...i look so good as a man, it's not even funny.
(I'm just talking about facial structure, not body, my body is definately that of a woman's)
So anyway, I just thought it was weird.
I might just begin to do this in my spare time.
And this is the first time I ever felt confident about my looks...strange, huh?

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