S******* my teachers' hubby haha

Ha, i have a stupid old b**** history teacher who has p***** me off for 2 semesters last year grade 10 now grade 11, she has picked on my f****** clothing for far too long even making me leave the class, shes constanly saying my skirts, shirts, heels, make up, even my bras r inaporopriate, dumb b****, shes old like 37 and thinks she good looking bahaha i purposely went to her husbands work my cousin worked there too and i flirted with him for like 4 days and then we f***** haha dumb b**** he wants me all the time he says im prettier and tighter he said f***** her is like throwing it out the window l**** she has had 4 kids loose skin saggy t*** haha he also eats me for hrs, everytime i c her in class i am rotfl cuz she kisses him and sucks his d*** that i grease up i f***** love it b**** he cant gget enough of me i am gonna get him to leave her and her goofy kids.

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  • So you been doing this to him since you were 10 or 11, wow that should account for child abuse. I hope he likes a jail cell. you will get caught and regret it one day when your old and someone does that to you when you are married if you live that long.

  • Excellent work, young lady! That's very hot ;)

  • This doesn't sound the best for the wife of him but if you are enjoying his c*** and he certainly is enjoying your tight p**** , then keep letting him f*** you. Just don't expect wedding bells.. He is only using you to bust his nut up you. And DON't get caught.

  • You're the true dumb b****. Your English teacher should pick on you too. Maybe you would learn something, because you sound like an idiot. Good luck with that when/if you graduate. 37..your parents are probably that "old". lol. Wonder if they're proud they raised a dumb girl with no morals.

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