S** drive

I think I'm too h**** for my own good. Guys I've been with usually say that my s** drive is a turn on, but sometimes they get frustrated because I want s** even more often than they do! I feel like it's weird that I'm a girl who is hornier than most guys. Pretty much always been this way. I have a bf now that I love so much, and the s** is fantastic. But I still can't stop masturbating! I m********* to him, to lesbian p***, to the thought of other women... s** is healthy but this may be out of control. I don't know, what do you think? Anyone else feel this way?

Oct 10, 2012

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  • It is very common for women to have high s** drives. Women were built to have multiple o****** for a reason. Women weren't meant to be any more monogamous than men. You should have an open relationship that allows either one of you to have as much sexual release you want with whomever you want.

  • My wife is the same way. We started threesomes to satisify her, which works. Since I am there with her it lets her feel free to o***** with another man or woman and also watch me get off with another person. Side benefit is that she really gets off watching me with another man/woman.

  • My wife is like this. Constant...needs f****** more than me even. Solution? Side action for her. I can't keep up with her..

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