I love old men p****

Old men make me soo wet. More than my boyfriend can. Ages from 40+ make me want to have s** with them so bad. I'm only 18.. But if I want to have s** with old men, I'm gonna do it! I want to feel what I've been wanting. Masterbating is getting too old.

Oct 11, 2012

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  • Experience is the criteria. they will handle till you request them to stop.

  • That's a excellent way of looking at things, young lady! :)

  • WTF? Why don't you look for a young guy with a big p****, instead of going for a disgusting old man o.O

  • Because young guys are inexperienced and don't know their head from their ass, plus their selfish and are only concernd with getting their rocks off and not pleasing their mate... does that answer your question?? thats why most of us young girls desire older men, older men are more caring and know how to handle a female sexually and older men have big d**** also, and they know how to use them unlike young guy who may have the equipment but don't have a damn clue how to use it!!!

  • Daddy issues and maybe even granddaddy issues in your case LOL

  • Dude, seem like you the one who has some major issues with young girls wanting daddy and granddaddy aged men over your young inexperienced ass LOL.... so looks like you the only one with daddy/granddaddy issues.

  • Seems like you're one of those brain washed people who have been trained from childhood to formulate some negative issues about age gap relationships....

  • Sounds like your the one with the issues!!

  • Same here baby girl, I'm a mature man in need of a young woman with your attitude and age to get me erect and down to business, masturbation is getting old and I want some of that real thing....

  • OMW. I would like to pleasure you

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