I still love him...need help so I don't go crazy

I fell in love with a guy when I first met him. I didn't do anything, because I didn't think I had a chance at all with him. Then, a mutual friend told us that we had to go to homecoming together. And we were going to, until he said that he couldn't go. I was fine with that.
Now, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was telling me that he liked me and that we would look so good together. And since I liked him back, I thought that I should tell him so we could, you know, start dating.
Then, last night, I asked him if he liked me, and he said yes, but only as a friend. I then proceeded to tell him that I kind of liked him, even though my feelings are much stronger than that. Then he asked if we could be friends without it being awkward, and I said yes. Then he hugged me.
I talked to one of my closest confidants and he told me to never ask a guy if they like you, because only the weirdest ones will tell the truth. So he said that this guy was probably lying, but he doesn't know for sure, cause he absolutely could have been telling the truth. So is this true?
Then, when I got home, I sat down in my room and cried for two whole hours. I just couldn't help it. Now I feel so heartbroken that I don't want to do anything at all.
I just need someone's help.

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  • Play it cool act sexy around this guy and he wil get tempted then giv him best s** he ever got

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