I need s** with someone other than my wife!

I am a fairly successful good looking thirty-two yr old unhappily married male. i have been struggeling with whether or not to cheat or leave my wife of eight yrs, but i really dont know if im being selfish. i kinda stretched my wifes private parts beyond repair. i was a sexual deviant and never thought of the consequences for her or myself yrs later, but at the same time she went along with it. i honestly cant stand having s** with her. she even experiences incontinance at times and it is such a turn off. i really dont think i can continue on like this, i am a man with needs and i need something smaller, much smaller. i do feel bad for her cuz whenever i mention how loose she is, she cries and blames me and that she is still young as well, she is twenty-six now and also has five children from me, she had complications during three pregnancies with pain and dryness due to air accumulation in uterus from the open v*****, and she throws it all in my face and tells me that i ruined her life and body. i cant keep living this way. i just want to move on with someone new, but guilt keeps taking over. If anyone has any suggestions or experience of their own, pls help me out!!

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  • Your wife can be repaired try it before you leave her atleast hav her in good condition for next guy

  • Wow. Both of you made terrible choices and now need take responsibility for them, because you have five freaking kids, and your lives are no longer about yourselves, let alone your genitals. Also, life doesn't owe you sexual satisfaction any more than it owes her a new p****. There is no reset button, so suck it up and work with what you have.

  • You can get an operation and fix the damage. You sould leave her, because you clearly don`t love her and from the choice of your words, I don`t think you know what love is.

  • Tell ur wife 2 do kegel exercises google it

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