S** Scientific...Pig? o.0 Oink

First off, f*** grammar on this one..

Sometimes i feel like im an animal that knows about human s**. really.

For instance, I think i figured ou how sexual stimulation works. When a human sees another human with visible sexual maturity attributes, i.e., big b******, large/small/well shapen hips, and a visible v**** shape, our human p**** begins to gather sperm into our p**** and seminal vescicle and other parts, and a hard erection comes. This is the evolved body's way of saying "Quickly! S**! NOW!! Mate with her!". And yet sometimes i feel so animilian.

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  • In case the years haven't granted you knowledge, here's a news flash: we ARE animals. We like to think we're not because we've got clothes and smart phones and stuff, but just under that surface we're rather unpleasant primates who call themselves "intelligent" while thinking with their junk.

  • Man would I love to meet you

  • Okayyyyyyyy...thanks for taking the time to share that.

  • What do you mean? I loved it. It made me cream in my pants. :3

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