I'm 16 and probably had well over 100 f**** in my life and i've never used a condom. I'm surprised i'm not pregnant yet but i just can't seem to stop! i love the feeling of s**. I'm not afraid to cheat even though i'm in a relationship. I just like having more than one c***. i've cheated well over 20 times. I feel bad but i just can't stop.

Oct 14, 2012

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  • You consider yourself lucky (I guess) to have not gotten pregnant. Why not just go on birth control? And you obviously don't care about getting all kinds of nasty diseases so if you're not going to use condoms at least let your partners know so they can make an informed decision whether they want to f*** such a stupid b****.

  • I recommend condoms, birth control, possible counciling, and maybe go pro. If you like doing it so much, might as well get paid to do it on screen.

  • That's hot as f***.

  • U should get a d**** and vibraator safe s**

  • Good for you! You need to fell free to embrace your S*** and let her roam free! Keep it up :)

  • S***? Your title should be Young, dumb and ignorant. You may not have gotten pregnant yet. STDs (like the other comment) and HIV. They're real and it's not a matter of if you contract it, it's when. Keep on doing what you're doing and you'll infect yourself, your bf and everyone you're sleeping with.

  • Tbh i don't even care about them. i'm hot and i can't help that boys are attracted to me? f*** up.

  • You say you're hot? Ha! I'm sure all the trailer trash and gutter boys sure are impressed by you! lol Good looking, smart, funny, successful and interesting men like girls who are hot AND smart. IF you are hot (and I doubt it because just having big t***, a loose p****, lots of makeup and slutty clothes does not equal hot) enjoy it now because the longer you do what you're doing, it won't last. You'll look like a used up hag in no time at all. I hope you never reproduce.

  • No condoms? What are you, a total f****** moron? Losers like you spread std's. And you WILL get one, if you don't already have one. Idiot.

  • That's way hot. I loves girls like you.

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