My wife is cheating on me with a huge d**** called bam

My wife and I cave been married for 15 yes our s** life has tapered off about two years ago . She went to a s** lingere party with a girlfriend and came home with a bag, I asked to see what she got and she told me that it was a gag joke and when I looked inside it was a huge brown d**** called bam it's as big as my ankle , anyway she said she had no intentions of using it anyway 6 mo ago I installed a hidden camera in our bedroom I thought she was cheating but come to find out she was playing with that d**** almost every day sometimes twice a day, she woulld wait till I leave in the morning and then play with the d**** till she comes like three times , lunch break she comes home and again do the same , I ask her why we don't have s** and she says she's just busy don't worry but I am afraid to tell her I have taped what she has been doing .now I don't know what to do . I want to throw that toy away what should I do

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  • Get ur hole elsewhere then my friend

  • Burn Bam!

  • Well I finally talked with my wife and told her It would turn me on to watch her play with that toy but she told me it was to big andno way I wanted to tell her that I know she has been using it along with the massager that we have and a few days ago I watched her using a bigger d**** that I couldn't believe that a woman would actually be able to use I'm frustrated that she keeps playing with herself and has no interest in s** with me she is s******* herself sometimes three times during the week and on the weekends were together but no s** and now I wonder if we did would I be able to feel her because the new d**** is the size of a giant shampoo bottle she tells me she loves me but she tired from work all week but I know she tired from the long s** sessions with her d***** I have never seen her c** so many times
    maybe I need to find someone else
    all she seems interested in is p*** and d*****

  • Man up, that's what you need to do. You have been watching her, so you know her timings. Next lunch break, go back home yourself, walk into the bedroom where you know your wife would be pleasuring herself. Tell her you're going to give her a hand and do her like she has never been done before. Be passionate and never doubt yourself. Be strong and take charge. Use that toy on her and have her begging you. Foreplay is good! DO NOT mention that you have been filming her. She will love the new you and the new s** life/twist. Chance are she is just bored of how you guys normally have s** and if you do the moves I posted, she will want more and more.
    Good luck!

  • M Get involve use the d**** on a girl nd i love when my boyfriend uses the toy on me . It's fun

  • Tried and failed

  • Geez. You're in a pickle my friend. She will not react well if you tell her you taped her. Try to mix things up? But maybe your best course of action is to ask her if she feels you're inadequate. She may appreciate your honesty, and you might be able to find a way to repair your s** life with her. There are ways around size issues. Take more time with foreplay, oral, and exploring her g-spot, if she does open up enough to try new things. The g-spot is less than two inches from the opening of the v***** on the front wall, toward her belly. A simple trick to give a woman a g-spot o***** is to cup your hand around her v*****, with your middle and ring finger inside her, pressing up against that front wall. Your palm should be right over her c***. And then all you gotta do is move your hand up and down, applying firm pressure to her g-spot and semi-firm pressure to her c***. She should c** in a few minutes. Warm her up with oral first though. Eventually, when you get a feel for how to work her g-spot, you can do it with your p****. I'm not that big, but I can get girls off that way. And believe me when I say that it will make her love having s** with you. If, when you're doing that, she feels like she has to pee, tell her to let go and not fight it. She will c**. Hard. And this can be done without that obnoxious d****. It's all about how you use what you've got my friend.

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