Underage P***

Is it really that wrong to be curious about underage p***? I mean, what if someone is underage themselves? It's probably just me, but I've never seen what's wrong with post-pubescent teens doing that sort of stuff if they wanted to.

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  • It is seriously illegal. DO not look at it, do not even websearch for it. You can go to JAIL and be listed as a S** OFFENDER for the rest of your life. It happened to a guy I used to counsel at church. His life is h*** now.

    All p*** is morally wrong. But underage p*** is life-destroying.

  • Does anyone know where i can get some for free ;)

  • I know man Im 17 and I really wish people would ease up on it. If the age of consent is 15 or 16 why can't you do p*** at that age or view it with no consequence?

  • The thing is that it is illegal. Unless the laws change to make exceptions for people to view p********** of similar aged individuals including individuals under the current age of consent, it will stay illegal. And that isn't likely to happen unless they abolish all child p*** laws (not gonna happen) because how do you ensure that only those of similar age are viewing p*** of the age they are claiming they are? And how does one produce and distribute such said materials and through the whole process only similar aged individuals are in possession said materials at every step of the way? Logistical nightmare. It's just better to stay away from the things that will land you 25 years in prison and a lifetime of s** offender registration.

  • Or maybe they could just ease up on the laws by lowering the p********** age limit to that of say 16. I mean there are people in other countries who marry 10 year old girls but we can't see 16 year olds do p*** when they will be no more mature in two years? BS imo

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  • Me and my daughter(15) are engaged in s**...incest and my wife is all for it too, since she does our son(13) in s**. Me and the wife was grown up with incest in our families. Sooo it's all naturally right to have those feelings. Enjoy it all.

  • My wife usually sucks our 12 year old son off as soon as he gets home from school. I have finger f***** our 10 year old daughter, and made her o***** by licking her while watching p***. It is fun, and we are happy.

  • Are you still active

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  • There is nothing wrong with underage incest. More parents need to be involved with there kids and it should be decriminalized. See this link: https://youtu.be/Ruf_phAz1hQ?list=PLbvQMjV0pqet4U49lNgFvwLKZYsIXAdHd

  • I agree

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  • Good for you! ??

  • Can I see some pics ?

  • Frostwire.com....enjoy

  • It's not wrong I do think about it myself being that I'm 16 I wander the Internet searching for 16 yr olds or maybe 15 or 17 yr olds having s** it only a big deal to people who make it a big deal.

  • Hmm...interesting idea :)

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