I'm a w****

A couple of years ago my life took a turn for the worse and it's still going.

I lost my job, my bf of 6 years left me and my house was repossessed when I failed to keep up payments.

About 6 months ago things were really bad and after a few drinks I ended up in tears in my best friend's husband's arms, telling him how bad it all was.

He then told me how hot he thought I was and that he'd wanted to f*** me for years. If I did it, he'd help out with some of the bills I had.

I'd like to say I refused and sent him packing but what I actually did was spend the next 2 hours being his w****, doing whatever he asked and begging him for more.

Now he comes round twice a week to f*** me any way he wants, to use me and abuse me. Afterwards he hands me money and goes back to his wife, my best friend.

I don't know what to do.

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  • YOUR? best friend? she may be YOUR best friend, but you're not hers! F****** her man behind her back, nice way to say, "hey I care about you, b****!" So your life is in shambles now, you wanna s**** up HER life too? IF you're just getting f***** for the money and don't have feelings, there are plenty of other people who will lay with you and give you money. Why you wanna mess with a 'friend'? Seriously, take stock of what you are doing and if this girl & her friendship mean anything, you'll tell her man to hit the road next time he comes around. Don't think that taking his money is the ONLY way to get by for now.

  • You arent a w****: you care about him. and you arent benig abused: you enjoy what hes doing to you. stop worrying and enjoy this wonderful wonderful relationship and dont let it ever end.

  • Don't quit. What you're doing is so sexy and so convenient and it realy could not be better. He's close, he's GOT to be discreet, and he's willing to pay. Just don't fall in love with him: the relationship is purely practical, and love would only complicate matters. What you're doing is fine and you should NOT feel bad about it.

  • Yeah, call your / his familly.
    If that doesn't work get a video with you and him and a copy, and tell him to give you money or you'll tell his wife.
    Cruel world, but you must make a living.

  • Ask for referrals.

  • If you like the money and don't feel bad doing that (Which you shouldn't) then keep doing it! :)
    If you do feel bad, then tell him you're done and you can make money a different way. But this seems like a easy way to make the money and as long as he's paying your bills I say keep it up...

  • Dummie grow up and stop being a s*** get help from Ur family

  • Wow you really did that:)

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