I often wish i had a p**** or was a guy

I often wish i had a p**** or was a guy so it would be more except able to w**** around. I also think that masturbating with a p**** would be much more exciting.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I think it'd be easier too.

  • I'd be terrified to zip a p**** in my zipper, like There's Something About Mary.
    Scarred me.

  • L****, and you would never get your period!!!

  • I really don't find it any more acceptable for guys to be s**** than for girls.

  • i want to be a dude because i hate having to worry about looking hot all the time or getting fat and getting stretch marks or having guys call me a s***. i like the idea of putting khakis and a polo on and being ready to go, taking a 5 minute shower. god it sounds like heaven.

  • Well girl I've got a d*** that is just over 9 inches long when hard and a set of nuts like tennis b**** and I would trade you even up for your p****.

  • I like having a d***. its not to big and its not to small i feel its just right..i often wonder what it would be like to have a p**** though..

  • If I had a p****, I would show everyone.

  • Having a p**** removes the issue that someone else with a p**** can get you pregnant. I'll grant that part. You can sleep with as many as you can using protection and the consequences are little. We're genetically programed to spread our seed in a primal way, but some may take that to an extreme, and others may dismiss those feelings if in a relationship that more important then a quick lay.
    Sometimes the male o***** is a letdown. You work and start building the prssure and urge and then... a little ooze, a faint echo of a o*****, thats it. A woman has degrees of o***** but its much more varied than a males. Vaginal o*****, clitoral o*****, g-spot o***** (I personally got sprayed upon last night. Awesome display.), name it. Its more interesting than a guy.
    A p**** is very convenient for sure. Easy to whip out, easy to arouse and stimulate, devastating is it doesn't work on demand. If its not functioning properly a guy can stress and questions his virility. Also, those dang testicles can be a bother (or a mixed blessing at least). Stimulation is pleasant, but the danger of pain is universal.
    So having a p**** for a day or a week would be interesting, I'd be more interested in how you deal with it and things like spontaneous erections at the worst possible times. Sometimes you can distract yourself and it'll go away. Other times its like it enforces the issue when you try to think about it. Other things like if the unit is positioned wrong is pinched or uncomfortable, so you 'readjust' yourself and others think you're a pig.
    What if your wish was granted with a skinny average length p****, or a fat short one. Would you want a uncircumcised p**** or circumcised?
    I think that if everyone had one day to experience the swap people would have a lot more respect for the opposite gender. No one would leave the house, with a mirror, except if they had to go and buy a mirror. Interesting post. :> Best of luck.

  • They say that women enjoy s** exponentially more than men, so be happy. Having a p**** isn't always the greatest. Yes, we can pee standing up, but we also have to worry about whether or not ours is big enough to satisfy our partners. O***** is nice, but I don't think it's the earth-shattering experience it is for women. Sometimes I shoot all over my girl's face and she loves it.

  • I'm a dude and I think my o****** are better than the girls I've been with. I love making love to them and they do o***** but their o******, though they last long, seem more relaxing than intense. My o****** are very intense and I really have to struggle to stay awake afterwards. Maybe some guys can't climax hard while others can. Idk.

  • Dude me too.

  • i just wabt to know what it feels like

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