I suck

I suck at everything. im failing geometry. i hav no talents and i think about suicide at least twice a day. i cnt take life any more

Oct 24, 2012

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  • I love you random person, Im failing maths, english, and Business but i get rid of it all because i belong to a kick ass youth group :D

    If you can try join one, they will change your life FOREVER!!!!

    When i first joined i thought o yay jesus, not really knowing this guys, A few weeks latter i was in tears because of how influenced me. I have made friends that will stick up for me and be there forever. So join dude :D

  • You're amazing :) believe that.

  • Go to the dr and get some help. There are worse things than failing math. Dont do something permanent that will affect everyone that loves you, cause of something like that.

  • Agreed ^ There's a lot more to life then high school. You'll find your talents or what you're good at and enjoy doing in time. Don't be so h****** yourself. This tough time will pass. You just need some help and someone to talk to. Don't be afraid, go ask the teacher or find a tutor to help you out with regards to geometry. And as the commenter above suggested..a doctor or therapist.

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