I am 19, a virgin, and talking to a 25 year old...need advice

So i'm 19 and i'm currently talking to this 25 year old guy.We met through a mutual friend, kind of a set up. The first time we met, we got drunk together. No s** happened but we made out, I did give him a bj, and we spent the night cuddling. At first I thought it was like a one night only type of thing and I honestly didn't think he'd even bother texting me after he already got to 3rd base and all, but he did text me, and we've been texting like 2-3 times a week since. We still haven't hung out again because he lives about an hour away. Do you think he's texting me because he actually wants to date me or because he's just interested in another night like the first? And do you think that I will ever see him again? It's been 2 weeks and if he was planning on asking me on a date, I would have expected it to have happened by now. But if he didn't plan on seeing me again why would he be texting me? And by the way he texted me first, which has to mean he's at least interested right? This guy makes me nervous because he's older and honestly I'm a virgin, never had actual s** (intercourse) I'm not even experienced or some hot 21 year old who can go to bars with him and stuff. But in all hoensty the way he kissed me and touched me was something that I had never felt with anyone else before. Please help me..should I walk away before I get "sprung" or should I stick it out and see where it goes?

Oct 25, 2012

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  • Thank you for your advice. and I do know what I want, I want to date him. I have no interest in repeating what happened unless we're together. That was the first time I had ever even done anything spontaneous/slutty before, and yeah I probably f***** up cause now he most likely thinks that I'm just a casual thing. But thank you I think I'll tell him exactly what I'm thinking.

  • Don't let what you felt when he was touching you cloud your decision. Okay so he made you feel good for 10 mins, but is he looking for a proper relationship.

    Try not to phrase things too aggressively if you're not used to asking people out. If you decide you do want to try and pursue something with him, keep it natural when asking him out and the easiest thing to say is the truth. Be prepared for rejection and be careful :)

    If you two do end up hanging out, try not to let desire get in the way of trying to get to know him - i.e. whether you actually would like to date him.

    Best of luck

  • You need to decide what it is that YOU want. Don't let HIM run the show....you sound like you're going to come RUNNING no matter WHAT he's after with you. Go after what YOU want...don't d*** around, leaving your life and dating to the whims and goals of others. Do you want to date him ? Ask him out. Do you want to have another night or more of just fooling around? What do YOU want? That's what matters...figure it out ! And tell him that. Or he may think you want nothing more than casual get togethers where s** may likely be the expectation. Good luck.

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