I f***** a tranny

I am a married man and I went home with a super hot tranny. I sucked her c*** and then she f***** me in the ass. It was so sexy and hot.

Oct 27, 2012

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  • I watch tranny p*** and wish I was the guy in the video!

  • I want to experience a tranny too. There is nothing hotter than t*** and c*** together. I like it when they look like a hot beautiful woman with smaller t***. I would like to f*** her, suck her c***, and, f*****. I want to f*** her while jerking her off. I sometimes wish my girlfriend had a c***. She lets me f*** her ass so this is as close as I think I can get.

  • Well, I am into men. The way it went down was I was in an adult bookstore buying a toy for the wife and started talking to this girl. She flirted so I flirted back. I asked if she was interested in leaving with me. She told me there was more to her than I thought. I asked what she meant and she pointed down. It clicked. I told her that I hadn't been with her type of woman but I wanted to. So we went to her place. She stripped to her panties and let me tell you, she was very beautiful. You couldn't tell she was a tranny until she took off her panties and a 6 inch long flacid c*** hung between her legs. 6 inches soft and about 7 or so hard. There is absolutely nothing hotter than a smoking hot woman with a nice sized c*** f****** you from behind.

  • I am envious... I would love to be in your position. I don't know if I would want to take it from behind me or to be on my back as she f***** me.I think I would want to be able to look up and see her t*** as she slid inside me. It would also be nice 2 lube her c*** up with my wet mouth before she f**** me. If I wanted to go crazy with this idea I would say maybe she has a friend like herself between the 2 of them they could f*** my mouth and naked ass as long as they wanted. I wonder if these trans no how many people want them to use them...I wonder how many like me out there who seem straight and normal to the world would gladly open their mouth or bend over to let 1 of these people f*** them in any way they wanted.

  • I've never been with a guy or a tranny, but I would so TOTALLY get with a tranny and would let her do whatever she wanted to me, even pass me around to her t-girl friends. I even fantasize about being taken to a bookstore booth by a t-girl and have her set me up to take throat-f******* and ass-f******* by multiple t-girls one after the other after the other after the other while everybody else watched me getting abused and hosed down by all of them.

  • F*** me please! im a guy

  • Thats really nice and hot , i have the same feeling , but i never dont it before , if i had the chance i would do it ..

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