I f****** want to be with you baby

Im married, hes about to get married, we talk a lot lately but it looks like if we were made to f***, i love my husband a lot but last nite i had cam s** with this guy, i saw his veiny d*** on cam i showed myself, i squirted on cam n so did he, i wish he loads hos milky c** in my mouth and ass.. i want him to f*** me hard until i cry.. id f*** him to death until getting the last o***** with him.. id like give him the bj of his life! until sucking the last drop of c**, i know his stupid fiancee might suck in bed, im like desired by everyone.. this is bad but i like it so f****** much today i f***** my husband and imagined it was him.. id f*** that guy hard but i would never leave my husband cuz i love him and i love his 23cm c*** too.. im a f****** w**** id like to have those two hard d**** for breakfast everyday.

Oct 29, 2012

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  • Lots of married people fantatze about other pertners. It's normal. You know your husband, think he's be ok with another guy doing you? That's your answer..

  • You are a s***

  • Get f***** by both.you say ur husband's d*** is 23cm.i think its enough to make u cry whenever he tries to penetrate it entirely in ur p****.i'm sure you bled when he took your virginity.he has every right to ravage you.
    The other guy must be your times pass.seduce him as and when required.this guy can't love you as he has already cheated his fiance.give him b******* and make him weak for you.save of his pubes.don't allow him to wear underwear inside pants or shorts.this would arouse him quickly.lick the tip of his d*** with your tongue.he'll go mad and then suck his d*** and drink whole of the s**** when he c***.his wife shouldn't get even a drop of it.wear sexy dress whenever he is around.make sure he is the one to remove your panty.get f***** in different positions.i'm sure your husband has f***** anally.let them rub your c******* during s**.it would take to heights of joy.

  • Ahaa, it would seem so cruel to an outsider with no understanding but i get it. We're human and we have desires. As irresistable as your man might be, hes not the only eye candy for you. If he loves you he'll let you do it & if he says no do it anyway, cause if he REALLY loves you, he'll forgive you. . .the first time

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