Sucking c*** in an Adult Bookstore Booth

I was out of town on a business trip and my hotel didn't have any p*** to j****** to so I went to an adult video store to rent some. The guy there said they had some booth in the back, so I went to to the back room to bust a nut. There were a bunch of guys standing around, and one even had his c*** hanging out of his pants. I had never used a booth before, so I went into one and put in some quarters. I was stroking when the door opened (I didn't think to lock it)and the guy with his c*** hanging out came in. I asked him what he was doing, and he said that I went into his booth and he thought that I wanted to suck him off. I told him that this was my first time in a booth, and that I just wanted to j******* by my self. He said that if I watched him j******* it would be better than the video I was watching. I was a little buzzed, so I said OK, but I would just watch him. He was standing and I was sitting, so his c*** was right in front of my face. I had never been with a man, but was getting turned on watching him. Then he asked if I would just stick out my tongue and he would rub his c*** on it. I said OK, and soon I was sucking his c*** and playing with his b****. He blew his load inside my mouth! I asked him to do me, but he said no, but that he would send in someone waiting outside in the booth for me. The next guy came in and we sucked each other off. After I was done he asked if I wanted to do another guy. Turns out that I was a c** drunk booth first timer, and I ended up servicing everyone there, all six of them. This was the only time I ever sucked anyone's c***, and I haven't done this again, but it sure was hot!

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  • I remember my first time in an abs. I was 18, had moved from country to city, one night friends suggested we hit up the bookstore, sure, I needed a nook for class anyway. At the time thier laughter went over my head and I thought wierd of them saying this is going to be fun. We go into this seed building, toys on the wall, videos in racks, a guy looking over a p*** mag smiling intently at me. My roomy grabs my arm and drags me down a pitch black hallway into a dim lite room, guys groping themselves against a wall, a row of doors oppisite. One of the doors open, guy walks out, roomy shoves tokens in my hand and pushes me in, "enjoy". I figure out how to opperate the machine, find a p*** I like, a d*** comes through a hole in the wall. I nearly tear the door off getting out of the booth. I quickly explain the horror of the situation, as I'm shoved back in "well suck it farmer boy"..oh that's what it's all about and quickly went to work. I don't know how much I spent that night, how long I was in the booth, or how many loads I swallowed but I had been introed to heaven on earth. So much so the next day I was begging to go back, noone wanted to go but my roomy, who took me around town showing me all the cruisy bathrooms and parks, merely so I had money to pay my share of the rent. Funniest thing, after 30 years, my old roomy now owns that abs. While the glory holes are gone, the health department requires 2 ventalation ports per booth, just never said where they should be located or how big the holes should be...

  • I'm a 42yo married father of 2 who travels frequently for work. I've been hit on my guys all my life but never accepted an offer until I was 36yo. Me and a colleague had been to dinner and to some strip clubs. The lap dances were good but we wanted to share a hot, wet p**** but no luck. ON our way back to the hotel we passed an ABS and he pulled in. He told me he got some satisfaction there a few times so we went in. I saw no females in the booth area so when he pulled me into a booth I said where are the chicks and he said, get over it...I need some head and there is plenty of men here to do it. A knock at the door, he unlocked and in came this good looking guy in his early 20's. I watched him suck my friend and was just drunk enough to pull mine out for my first dude b*******. That guy gave me the best head I had ever had. When he pulled out c*** heads together and licked them I gasped as that was the first time I had ever touched an other man's c***.
    My buddy pout hand arm around my waist pulling my closer to his c*** then I felt hands on my b**** but it was my friend not the guy sucking us. He looked at me and said,, I hope I don't offend you, but I need some too. He pulled the guy up to his feet and he knelt down and took my c*** into his married c*** sucking mouth. The other guy s unzipped and he sucked him too and had our c**** beside each other. He stood up took one of my hands on his c*** and told me to grab the other guys with the other hand - which I did. He leaned in and kissed me as he put his hands on my shoulder pushing me down to suck his c*** and the other guys. He and I made out while the guy sucked us off and swallowed our loads.
    I love anonymous s** in Adult book stores, bathrooms and parks.

  • I so shy still today and i like going to these places to j******* thts all just watch people in their sucking each other off turns me on like a rock wow diffrent kind of h****** then when im with my wife hormone drive explosive than i ever imagine i love that feeling and love shooting my load on the floor looking at these dudes get off some small and some big beautiful d**** today i feel like stopping by their havent bin by like 4months i go on in off not into doing this all the time but right now i want to shoot my loads a couple of times and spend 3hours in their looking

  • Im going to a book store right now

  • God how i wish i had been one of those 6 guys. DAMN HOT!!

  • My first happened in a bookstore booth not far from my house, when I sneaked away from the wife and kids on a Friday night, and I was frantically jacking it to FFM threeway watersports flick, when someone knocked on the door and entered before I could get it back in my pants. It was a guy with his d*** sticking out through his fly, and before I could get up from the chair or say anything in protest, he'd grabbed my head and slid his incredibly erect meat into my mouth. When I tried to pull away, he gripped my head harder and drove himself farther down my throat. When I gaggsed, he pulled out slightly and blew his full load into my mouth. GOD IT TASTED WONDERFUL!! I knew right then I was hooked, and as if by nature I started sucking him at that point, rather than just receiving his thrusts, got him hard again, and took another giant load in the mouth. Without ever leaving my mouth, he got erect again and again and again, leaving me with three more loads of the sweetest cream in the world. I sucked him hard again while he kept standing there, but this time, he soon stood me up, pulled my pants the rest of the way down to my ankles, turned me to face the chair, directed me to lean over it, grabbed me by the hips, smeared his creamy c******* around the rim of my ass, and then stabbed me with his d***, all the way to the b****. And then he started to pump. And pound. And hammer. He told me he loved the way I could take a f******, and I told him I loved the way he could give one, and after he came again, we got our pants back up and went next door to a cheap motel and checked in and f***** all night, after I called home and lied to my wife about why i wasn't coming home. After I hung up, the guy (whose name I still didn't know) told me "you ARE home now, your ass belongs to me." I loved how totally dominant he was and I still love it even now.

  • I love my first time

  • Great story.

  • That's so f****** hot!! I love that story..

  • I love going to bookstores

  • Me to

  • Fucken hot

  • Sounds good. Very hot. Would like to try.aied guy who is no curious

  • I did the same in an adult store in Atlanta while on business there about six years ago. I went in to find some nasty p*** that I couldn't keep where my wife could find it, with no idea of making the trip my first homosexual experience, and was directed to "the booth in the back" by the clerk, "if you want some live fun". I found two very very young guys going at each other like crazy, and I quickly backed out with apologies. I wandered around the store nervously for a few minutes trying to gather myself, and then went out the front door. As I was getting in my rental car, one of the boys came out and found me and said "Andy said for you to PLEASE come back to the booth". I tried to explain that what they were doing wasn't what I was looking for, never having had s** with a man before, but he just smiled and said "There's a first time for everything, honey, and Andy is the best first you could hope for." He took me by the hand, kissed my cheek, and led me back to the booth, past the clerk who smiled and said "It's good you came back: I know you'll enjoy what's waiting for you." The boy from the parking lot opened the booth door, led me in, said to Andy, "virgin", and then left me alone with the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen, totally naked, perfectly hairless, and hung like a m************ horse. His c*** was so wonderful I couldn't take my eyes off it. "Sit", he said, and I did without resistance, as he positioned himself between my feet and began to stroke that meat right in my face. I could tell from the scent that he'd just taken it out of the other boy's ass, and while I would have assumed that would sicken me, it aroused me beyond belief. He slapped me in the face with his shaft, twice, three times, told me to "Clean it", and I began doing so at once, licking, sucking, wanting, as Andy slid that magnificence in and out of my mouth. I've made love to my wife since that night, but I've been with more men than with her. And all thanks to Andy.

  • Dark room

  • I would like to experience that for myself.. Plus have that monster C*** in my Ass also filling me with load after load of hot C** deep inside me!!😀

  • Im married can't get enough man meat in my tight p****..then love f****** my bbw wife lisa

  • I would suck a load out of you

  • I had a similar experience several years ago. But I didn't go through with it. I went to a booth and could see the guy across from me masturbating. I watched him more than the video I know he saw me watching. It turned me on seeing this and made me want to do things I've never done. I envy you your experience. Wish I had done it too.

  • I too was nervous but one day I made up my mind I would if it came to that. When I went in I did not lock the door I put money in the machine and was looking. I found a movie with two guys sucking each other. It was turning me on and I was getting hard so I pulled my jeans and Panties down. I sat and started to play with my c*** when I heard the video in the net booth so I looked through the hole. He had on a similar video. I looked around and could see he had his pants down by his knees. When he saw I was looking he stroked it in my direction. He was only semi hard. I finally decided it was do it or leave. I put my finger on the edge of the hole and he got up and came over to the hole. As he slid his semi erect c*** in I at first panicked but then as it came through I felt my c*** get really hard. I just sat there staring it it. finally I got on my knees and just played with it. Even though I was hard and play with mine all the time. When I touched his I was amazed at how soft someone else feels so I began to stroke it. As I was playing with it my c*** was begging to c**. I guess I was just in a h**** state because I reached and flicked it with my tongue and it was awesome. In an instant I had the head in my mouth and I was tasting and loving the feel of a strange c*** in my mouth. I sucked him for a bit while I was stroking mine when the door to my booth opened. I do not lock it just so I can get sucked but now I was so hot that I did not care that others were watching me suck that beautiful c***. by the way it was about 6" and shaved. I continued to suck that c*** and the door kept opening and guys would watch me sucking him and jerking my c***. Suddenly I felt his c*** head swell and he just started c****** in my mouth. I thought I would not want that but as soon as he started to c** I just sucked him harder till he went limp and was completely clean. I was so nervous I did not c** I just pulled my panties and jeans up as guys watched me. I hurried out.

  • That is hot kinda like my first time

  • That's so Hot..

  • Yes


  • Hi, I am 35 years old, and married ..I was always curious to try...So one about I month ago on my my home from work, it finally happened...I stooped at an adult book store looking at the movies in the store an peeking at at the booths in the of nowhere in back by the booths a older man about 55 or 60 years old came out of the booths looking at me...He was very ugly and bald, so I looked away...When I turned back around, he pulled out his c*** which was gigantic with biggest b**** I ever seen..He pointed for me to come back there...So I bought some coins and when back there in a private booth and looked the door...I realized there where holes in the wall..The ugly old man came in the booth next to me...I was so nervous, he stuck his gigantic c*** through the hole....I stared at it....He begged me to suck it...I went down on my knees and forcd the head in my mouth, it tasted very salty.He forced more of his huge c*** down my throat..I sucked it the best I could...All of a sudden I heard him moaning load, and tons of c** was shooting down my throat..I swallowed as fast and hard as I could...There was so much c**...I kept it in my mouth to clean it completely..As he pulled his c*** out of my mouth I kissed it a finisned cleaning it. He took of and left...I went home....I loved his c***......He left his number on the ground in booth for me to call him....So two days later I called him...We are meeting tonight at a hotel, and also he wants a relationship...I said yes....I cant wait to swallow his huge load tonight...P.S I AM GETTING DIVORCED....C.M.

  • Yes I like that story...nothing like a really big C*** to Satisfy you completely!!👍

  • Hi, Thanks for the liked comment.....I am in divorce proceedings...I live with the ugly old bald guy I met at the video store that night...I moved in with him in his apartment 2 weeks ago...I don't call him ugly anymore...I have managed to take his entire gigantic c*** down my throat.. and been swallowing his huge load every day..He swallows my load too...We are lovers now...He made me eat his ass out and suck his toes....CM

  • Hi, Everybody...I am divorced....Me and my lover, the ugly old bald guy that I met at the Video Store are getting married this weekend in Vermont...I have managed to suck his huge b**** dry and swallow everything...He c*** in me 3 times a day....

  • So hot. Makes me hard reading the story.

  • Hi, Me and theugly older guy...I don't call him ugly anymore..His name is Tom and I am Tim...I am 35 and h is actually 69.. at the video store are happly married and lovers. I live with him in his apartment...We make so much love and eat and swallow each other every day...I am actually starting to look like him....He makes me swallow his huge load 3 times a day..I am eating his s*** now also...In love......................

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