Watching Gay P*** With Wife

I get turned on watching gay p*** with my wife. The first time we did it she said that she wanted to pick out the video. She got some gay p*** and said that she wanted to see 2 guys together. We got in bed and were teasing each other she said that she wanted me to hug her with my c*** agianst her ass. Then she asked me to lube up and rub my d*** between her ass cheeks. The men on the video started an a*** sceen and she said that she wanted me to do a*** with her at the same time. She started role playing and said that she was the guy on the video and to talk dirty to her as if she was a man. It was increadible!

She will put in a gay video and tell me that when I c** in her mouth she wants me to pretend that she is the guy on the video, then she kisses me with her mouth full of my c**, pushing the c** in my mouth. I like this so much that I tell her to do this all of the time, but she says that she only wants to share c** with me when we watch the gay p***.

We were doing this once a month for about 4 months when asked me if I wanted to do a MMF threesome so she could watch me with another man. I told her that it was ok for the threesome, but I wasn't sure about having a c*** in my mouth. We had a bi friend over and we started out j********** together then giving each other hand jobs, and we ended up 69 while she used a vibrator. When we were done she licked our c**** clean. Soooo hot!!! She told me that she loves to watch me with another man and we plan to do this again.

Nov 1, 2012

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  • Update: we have s** regularly with a male friend, but wife usually just watches us blow each other while she uses a vibrator. Sometimes she joins in when we do a***. She says one of her favorites is to give bj while man is receiving a***. She also likes to help me or him give bj together. I'm so glad she has encouraged my bisexuality. I have one hot wife!

  • Im going to try to get my wife to do this. Ill watch the gay p*** with her and short term goal we can get a strapon. Ill see if shes into the idea after she sees the video of them sucking. If it ends at her f****** me or watching me suck her "c***" that would be awsome. If it goes on to her wanting to see see my mouth full of cumm or watching someone holding on to my hips as they f*** me like a noaning w****...all the better.

  • I have never had a real c*** before. But I once had a girl friend who used a strap on and had me suck it and on another occasion I laid on my back as she stood by the edge of the bed held my legs up and f***** me. I have had a fair amount of sexual experience in my life but I have never felt as a ride it and completely aroused as when she held my legs exposing me completely looked straight into my eyes and f***** me.I am a titty man and she had large b****** it was a huge turn on to see them jiggle and sway as she pushed in and out of me. The only thing that could have possibly been better is if she could have came deep inside me.

  • Lucky

  • How does it feel...him f****** your mouth...i want to know...i love the idea of he putging the cumm in your/my mouth....have her use a strapon on u while u suck his c*** off.

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