Had s** with my music teacher and regret it

I got invited for a dinner date with my music teacher after my lessons had ended. I am already living alone, and thought that free dinner would be nice. I never imagined that he'd have an agenda with me. He spent the evening giving me compliments, and getting me quite drunk on wine. When we were quite full he suggested that I'd bend over the table and let him have his way to show my gratitude for the free meal. At first I thought he was joking, but he kept insisting, telling me how hot I was and that I should give him something in return. I kept laughing of what I thought of as a naughty and harmless joke. Only when he pulled out his p**** did I realize that he was quite determined in having me, and I gave in to his blunt approaches after some further coaxing. He knew I was a virgin, something which seemed to turn him on further.

Even as I stood there bent over the table with my pants down at my ankles and showing him my naked butt, I regretted the whole thing, but I couldn't muster the courage to stop it. He placed his hands on my hips, and went through with a slow and lengthy intercourse with me that was both painful and embarrasing. Although he was gentle with his movements, he slapped my ass several times, and rubbed his thumb against my a*** calling me a s***. When I turned my head telling him I was not, he just laughed. Thanks for caring about the feelings of an insecure girl...Eventually he pressed hard against me and came inside me. (I was on the pill, as I anticipated that I'd have s** soon)

Afterwards he cleaned away the blood on my tighs, before escorting my sore butt to the bathroom where I tried to pee out his mess. I was convinced to give it another try, and he banged me in the exactly same position, less gentle and while drinking wine and listening to his favourite music using a remote. When he finally finished it was a relief, and I pulled on my pants and left. I'll never let myself be had that cheaply again.

I'm sitting here still sore down there, and with alot of regrets. It's not like I'll have to see him again if I don't want to, but I feel dirty and used. He must be laughing at how stupid I was to give in to him. And I'm afraid a future boyfriend might be upset, and that he might see me as a s***. I always was a "good" girl up until this point, but now that is kind of ruined. Should I get tested for std's just in case? And is there any advice how to deal with this emotional turmoil I'm going through?

Nov 2, 2012

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  • What do you mean you hoped to pee out his c**? The urethra isn't your vaginal cavity, and EVERY woman and girl who has had a period DEFINITELY knows that. You Just blew your cover of pretending to be a 16 year old virgin girl. Sicko.

  • There are holes in the story, but I assume you had dinner at his house? A 16 yr old drinking wine alone with a man can only go one way. Have you talked with your mom? Hopefully she would understand, and HOPEFULLY you've learned a lesson. Don't put yourself in situations like that. Over 85% of women who are raped are raped by someone they know.

  • She never said she was 16 and she said she lives alone. Most likely she is older.

  • Yes get tested for STD's just in case, but other than that, you are no less of a good girl than you were before. You anticipated having s** soon, so you had no moral reservations in having s**, you simply had reservations about the situation and who it was. I think what he did to get you into that position was deceptive and wrong. But that should have no baring on your self worth. Look at it this way, I am an attractive male, and I would rather NOT be with a virgin because of 2 reasons, #1 I would rather not induce the pain & blood that are associated with taking virginity, and #2 I don't want the overly clingyness that often accompanies having s** with a virgin that wanted the s**. So in a really twisted and sick way, it could be turned around and made to sound like he did your future relationships a favor in taking your virginity. I don't like saying that because it just feels wrong, but that could be the silver lining on this dark cloud.

  • This sounds a little fishy, I don't know why but its just to emotionless. It sounds like a made up story but if is not, next time, try using a different word order. Maybe it's just me?

  • How old are you?

  • I'm 16, and yes, it was pretty cold and emotionless. Just mechanical s** with no affection at all. He enjoyed it, and I did not. Kinda sucks when I only just now realize the value of what I gave away, huh?

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