I like to taste my c**

I love to taste my own c**. I lick my fingers after I m*********. After wife blows me she gets up quickly and spits my c** out in the sink. Every once in a while the wife will kiss me after I c** in her mouth, and we will french kiss with our mouths full of my c**. Too bad I can't talk her into letting me taste my c** that way more often, but unless she is drunk she says it makes her gag.

Nov 5, 2012

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  • Just a thought... i do not really like the way my husbands c** tastes, he smokes alot and i dont. anyway there are alot of creative ways around it, he likes the way it tastes too. if u guys are exclusive and ur c****** in her p****, eat her out afterwards. or if not, c** on her belly or back and lick it off. if she makes u feel weird about it, dont. u are not alone, and if she loves you she will try to understand everyone has different sexual likes. and its really not even that big of a deal lol compared to alot of things :)

  • Tell her how it turns you on when she kisses you and you feel that thick cumm between your lips and around your tongue. Say it while in the heat of passion but be prepared that she may ask you questions or make suggestions of her own...you may be in for an entirely new adventure...she may have fantasies of her own.

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