My wife has gotten into risky s**

I have always had a decent s** life with my wife. She has an amazing body and is so sexy but we usually just did it in bed in standard positions. A couple weeks ago we had s** in the car in a parking lot, then in the bathroom of a restaurant (single stall bathroom). It was really hot and exciting but she's started to want s** in some really uncomfortable places because she says the risk turns her on. The other day we were watching a movie on our couch with her patents and her sister and we were sharing a blanket. She started touching me and jerking me off under the blanket and I'm trying to keep control with her whole family there. Then she slides her underwear to the side and puts me inside of her while we are watching the movie. I was so nervous that her parents would notice that I was having s** with their daughter right in front of them. She wants to do it in public places now and while I am very uncomfortable with it she has this power over me. I am sure people saw her blow me at the movie theater and in the cab. I like that she is so turned on by s** with me but I'm just not comfortable with it and I don't want her to feel bad. What can I do to maintain my s** life without offending her??

Nov 5, 2012

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  • Nothing. She will think your a pansy. Then her co workers or delivery man will look so much better. You'd better learn to like it. So what if you get caught?

  • The danger of getting caught is kind of a real turn on for me as well!

  • Dude me and my bf have done the same thing in front of family on the couch... but yes she is looking for excitement and its great she is getting it from u. it does not mean she is addicted to s**... thats when u cant stop yourself from f****** everyone u meet and not being able to commit. just take control of the situation... if she starts rubbing u somewhere ur uncomfortable with doing it there, just rub her back and whisper in her ear, tell her if shes good youll f*** her brains out when u want to not right now, and finger her discreetly. make her wait, she will just get hotter. and its very likely she be turned on more that u are taking control of her game.

  • Go with the flow but take charge of the situation.
    Tease her more to the point she will do whatevere/whereever you want. If you don't she will find the excitement elsewhere

  • Maybe your wife is addicted to s**. It seems completely senseless to try to do things in front of family. That is unacceptable risk. Talk with her kindly and gently about the whole thing but never make her feel bad for wanting you like she does. Just say that having s** in some places and situations makes you uneasy and you will take care of her properly in private, later.

  • You should try to take control instead and when you get a chance talk to her seriously about limits otherwise she wont realise.
    Seriously though, that is so sexy, your s** life would turn me on too but i would never want to risk being caught by family....too risky

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