I feel like I know nothing

I'm 27 years old and I don't know a damn thing about what to do in the bedroom. I'm not a virgin, which almost makes it worse. I've had three partners in my life, all of whom didn't really care for "showing me the ropes" i guess you could say.

It makes me feel really inadequate, and the thought of starting a new relationship with someone and them having to "teach me" scares the s*** out of me. It's not her fault I never learned the right way to do things. And though I'm told it's fine, that it's kinda fun, I still can't help but feel that women would rather just be with someone more experienced, more skilled, then have to "start from the bottom up."

I hope I find, or have found, a woman with the patience to show me what she wants, and who can love me for other things until I learn.

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  • You're an idiot. you are inadequate because you believe you are. If you had ANY self confidence you would be enough and then some for most women who are worth your time. Grow some self confidence and become what you wish you to be. Sounds like a paradox but in this case you must believe you are before you can become.

  • Your a f** man

  • Get a P**** watch how they have s** and I'll know what to do

  • Every thing about this "is gay"

  • Oh, no, someone who is in touch with his feelings! That must means he likes men! ...

    I fail to see the logic here.

  • Shut up. You're an idiot.

  • I wish I could make love to you and give you the confidence you crave. I would make you feel sooooooooo good about yourself. Good luck to you, baby.

  • Aswwwwwwwwww. You sound like such a sweetheart ! Your woman is supposed to show you what she likes about s** ! Any partner for anyone. Everybody likes different things ,don't sweat it so much ! You can't be a mind reader.

  • ^ Agree, you're overthinking this. Not every woman is sexually experienced. And just because a guy or a girl has has many partners doesn't make them a good lover. Maybe you're past partners were satisfied with you..or they didn't know how to speak up. Get your confidence up and go out find an amazing girl and have fun.

  • Not lame ^^

  • You're worrying about nothing. Why don't you put s** in its proper place (exclusively with your wife, i.e. - get married first) and everything will work out fine. Jesus Christ is a lot easier to serve than some psycho-babble nonsense.

  • Laaaaaaaaaaame

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