Mothers panties

A couple of months ago while my mother-in-law was at her nieghbors house I went over, went to her room pulled out her dirty underwear and smelled it. They had a little pee spot they smelled so good a little like pee I put them in my mouth and started to suck on them I them rubbed them on my P**** and layed down pulled my pants down and jerked off on my stomach I then ate my own c** witch I occasanally do. I got so f***** h**** smelling them. In the summer time When I am over her house I will tr to sit across from her to get a glimpse of her panties. Oh yeah don't tell my wife

Nov 6, 2012

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  • Like wearing panties bras sniffing licking my moms panties I will slide my wife's toy inside my butt work in and out while I lick my c um from my shaft

  • It's good to c** on her panties and stuff, I guess she is sexy and mature but I hate the idea of eating your own c**... F***** disgusting

  • That is f***** up, wow, although i was slightly turned on at first until i heard you eat your c** although i lick my fingers after o***** so i guess theres not much difference.

  • Eeew!

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