S** advice please especially from ladies

Okay my problem is pre mature e**********, I have a nice thick p**** and very health too as I can get at least 2 erection when having s**, but it doesn't last very long, I have searched about and got different opions all the time like do more oral etc.. But it helps a bit not much, I have taken pills were I have bought from overseas but that only gave me extra strong erection which I don't have a problem with anyway.. I have spoken to a doc about it which wasn't helpful at all, he only suggested that I should think about other stuff while I'm having s**.But what's the point in that if I can't enjoy thinking about the girl I'm having s** with.. Has it got to do with masturbating alot especially in my younger days.. Can I get opions please especially if ladies have had the same problems with there husbands, bf, etc.. I am 33 and still can't get over this problem, for some reason in the morning when the wife starts to have s** with me and I'm sort of trying to wake up I have a longer erection for what reason I don't know but even that only last 3 to 4 minutes.. Look forward for comments..

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  • Every day, you need to do sets of 20 - 50 c*** lifts at a time, this strengthens the muscle in your p**** that allows you to have more stamina before e**********

  • Thanks for advice but how do you mean by c*** lifts can you give more info pls

  • Hi, i dont know how long ago this was sent but my x used to have your problem. i dont know if it would help but maybe if you were to mastrabate before s** that might help. I dont know, its worth a try.

  • Yes iv tried that also helps little bit but doesn't solve the problem I only get a minute or two longer

  • Hey man don't worry.get your c*** and b**** sucked well before s**.if you wish to j*** off ask your partner to do it.the more you feel bonded to your partner more you would enjoy s**.alternatively,you may remove the girls panty and f********* her vigorously before s**.try out 6 9 position and suck her womanhood badly.

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