Im addicted to s**

I am very addicted to s**. I am in a serious relationship with the best guy in the world. we love each other a lot and have been in a relationship for over 2 years. The problem is we live away and I feel h**** a bit too often. I resist myself from doing bad things to other guys but Im afraid i might just get carried away and sleep with someone. I will hate myself if i do that but its just so hard to control myself when im h****

Nov 7, 2012


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  • I just posted a comment and it says i posted 4 hrs ago. am i that retarded?

  • NUDES!

  • I was like that ,but my need for s** took over, I need my boyfriend but also need other men two, even women.

  • Being sexual is completely natural, there is nothing wrong with being sexual with someone you are attracted to. No matter what religion you study, somewhere in that history you will find multiple highly revered "prophets" of that religion that have had multiple spouses and/or mistresses. Therefore you can deduce that the core of every religion should not condemn open sexuality, but should embrace it and you should not be ashamed of it or feel guilty about it. Best thing to to is discuss this with your partner and try to work out an understanding of an open relationship.

  • What uneed to do is go and get a vibrator and d**** and any time ur h**** have fun with urself believe me try it u won't be dissatisfied try one a little bigger than u think u can handle u won't regret

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