Love watching wife with huge d****

I was worried when my wife first asked if we could get a larger d**** than the one she had since she was a teen. I was worried she thought I was too small bit reasurred me my 7.5 by 1.75 c*** was enough but she wanted to feel full once in a while. So we started out at the adult store looking at realistic that was my choice she said as I would be using it on her only when we were together to play. I picked one she said it was too big but I knew she wanted it even though she said she would rather the small version of the same c*** it was 9 inches by 2.25. We rushed home h**** and wanting to try it needless to say after me going down on her and getting her nice and wet I slid it in as she said oh its not too big lol. I told u I said after I had shown her the hung d**** at the store, she said there is no damn way u would ever get that thing near me lol. Little did she know after months of playing with the 9 inch I came home with Kong 9 inch by 2.75. After sneaking it in bed as we had s** and I came I asked her if she wanted the big d***, she said yes so I lubed up Kong and rubbed it on her Clint and around her lips then slowly pushed it twisting it as I pushed it little by little deeper inside. She said what the h*** is that feels big, so I showed her after she was moaning and came. At that point i was rock hard again watch that nicw big c*** sliding in and out of my wifes small body i came all over her t***. Holy crap that thing is huge she said lol, ya well the next time I went away I brought back the hung after she got used to Kong , I did the same thing hid it in bed and after s** and I came rubbed it up and down her c** soaked p**** but this time she said what the h*** is that let me see. No way she said I reassured her if would fit lol after several minutes of rubbing and twisting it as I pushed it slowly further in and she moaning so loud it popped into her tight p**** and she yelped omg its so big lol. And now I asked her every time we have s** if she wants it sometimes she says yes but sometimes she just wants me lol. But when she does want that huge c*** it slides in and out much easier but still super tight ...and it makes me so h**** and hard to watch that massive c*** entering her ....

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  • I love petite females that enjoy a big stretching

  • Nice! I love your wifes attitude

  • Cool story, bro.

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