I am in love with my wife's sister

Let's call her Lea. Everytime I'm around her, I'm just consumed. She's so beautiful. She knows how I feel, too. I flirt with her all the time, and she entertains it, only brushing me off when she thinks someone may be watching.

On the day before her birthday, we got together (my wife & I, Lea and her husband) at their house. Her husband got wasted and kept going upstairs to refill his cup. My wife went upstairs to put her nieces to bed, and it was just Lea & I.

She started saying how her birthday is "just another day," to which I kinda blurted out how special I thought she was. I started rubbing her thigh while looking her in the eye and talking with her. I told her that if I was making her uncomfortable, she could always tell me to f*** off. She didn't. In my bolder, slightly tipsy state, I hinted at how I had feelings for her.

Since then, I've contacted her by e-mail a few times. Her responses are what confuse me. She seems curious about my feelings for her, and other times she brushes me off.

I was at her house a few days ago, and it ended up, at some point, where Lea, her mum & I were the only ones there. Lea called me downstairs to look at an item she bought off Kijiji (an item she had already shown me before). This was probably her attempt to get some alone time with me, but I was too much of a p**** to do anything other than brush my fingers aginst hers, as we looked at the item.

Am I overthinking this? Am I totally reading her wrong? I love my wife to pieces, but her sister is my oh so sweet temptation. Gahhh!!!

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  • Sending emails is not a smart thing to do. You are leaving evidence.

  • Her husband ended up finding and reading all the e-mails (she had saved them all). We still flirt, but only in person and very, very discretely. Her husband basically told her that if it happened again he would leave her (even though he was caught exchanging romantic e-mails with another woman before this ever happened).

  • Please dont be a cheater if you really love your wife.
    You will regret it so bad if you continue it.
    You will get over this tempting phase quickly.
    Your wife would be the one deepy hurt if she knew.

  • Do U have kids

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