Did an a*** with my boyfriend

Me and my boy friend were drunk after a party and decided we would crash at his place. he lives alone. we obviously were too turned on and started making love. he inserted himself in my ass hole instead of my v*****. it was a great feeling and i did not stop him. but now my a****** has become big. are there any side effects to ass f******?

Nov 12, 2012

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  • Chances of HIV is high also if having unprotected s**.. Didn't it hurt because my girlfriend said it was very painful even with lubricant unless your boy friends has a small p****

  • Its not going to stretch you permanently so dont worry just dont let him insert other bigger things in there realy often or reach in with his fingers and pull your rim apart all the time. the larger concern is if you really develop a hunger for a*** and even become an a*** freak like some girls, and start dildoing yourself in the back side with bigger and bigger toys or even start fisting yourself in the ass. i dated a girl in college who got started like you did and pretty soon was fisting herself or getting her lovers to fist her in the ass. it was totaly hot and she loved it totally but it also loosened her up a lot. but even thats not bad because the sight of a woman fisting herself in the ass is a thrill for a guy so dont worry so much just enjoy taking it up the ass! and congratulate your boyfriend for convincing you.

  • It will shrink back to normal size in time. Give it a day or two. A*** s** can be great just as long as it's safe and you don't go mad with it.

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