To Brenda, The B****

Brenda, you b**** s***. Thanks for wrecking my marriage by s******* around with my wife. The innocent threesome wasn't an invitation to mess around with her when I was at work and confuse her with all your lies and sleazy moves on her.

By the way, Brenda, you know how your fish tank blew up and the water flooded your house when you were out with my wife? And remember how your car blew up the time you and her were in your house s******* around when I was working overtime.

I'm not saying I did those things, but you're lucky I'm not a revengeful person or worse stuff would have happened.

P.S. Brenda b**** s***. You know that crafts store you own on Phillips Street? If by some accident it burns down next week, I didn't do that either. You're damn lucky I'm not a revengeful person. That's all I got to say, b**** s***!

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  • Natural selection. Only fucktards open up their marriages. It's just asking for trouble.

  • I totally understand your anger and disappointment and heartbreak, I truly do. My wife left me for a woman who intentionally and knowingly entered and then submarined our marriage in a similar way, about three years ago. We're still technically married, but haven't lived together since two weeks after the first three-way we had with the other woman, and the morning after the night of the final one. And I haven't even seen her at all for the last seven months. I've had feelings of fury and the desire for retribution like you have, but you cannot -- CANNOT -- act on them, no matter how strong they become, because each of the acts you described, no matter who perpetrates them, is a crime, and at least two of them are felonies. Find other ways to release your rage. Yes, Brenda is a b****, a w****, a c***, a thief, there's no doubt. But let karma deal with her (or God, or whatever or whoever you believe in), because she will certainly get what's coming to her. You need to leave her alone.

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