I love my husband but want to be f***** and dominated

But he is too nice, I want to be f***** hard, I keep thinking what it would be like to have s** with another man and also I want to have s** with a female, my husband would probably enjoy me f****** a female..but I don't know if a girl would like me. I never want to leave my husband and we have a child I could never hurt either of them that way but every day I wonder what it would be like to f*** another man or be a s** slave for him. I have only had 2 sexual partners yest I am a s***. why??

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  • You must convince your husband to dominate you. Tell him all is roleplay game, where he plays dominant person. Point out what you would like. About having with anothet woman, in p*** movies always work out, but in reality oftenly devestate relationship. Problem is, even if you get permission to try, that could devastate you or him later. Same with other man. Better spice it via roleplaying, where you imagine most crazy of situations, playing any extremes of personalities you can imagine.

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  • You sound like my wife. My wife is a stay at home mom to our three year old. We have good s**, and I make her c** a lot. I am well hung.
    We are open sexually. Me and my wife like to watch p*** together. One night she put on a p*** that was very dirty. It was a guy dominating and being rude to a women as he f***** her.
    As we watched this I said I don't like this. The guy in the p*** was disrespectful to the women in the p***.
    My wife looked at me and said I knew you wouldn't like this. But I fantasize about being treated that way.
    She told me she wanted to find a guy to do things like be rude to her and use her.

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  • Honey you don't need a husband, you need a Master.

  • My wife wanted to be f***** hard by a bigger d***, so we found a couple willing to swap , we were friends at first for a long time and talked about it , we finally did it .

    Since then we do it a lot. The best is all nighters . My mother keeps the kids and they find an all night baby sitter . My wife wants it all night long and she is sore the next day. Our male friend is sweet and nice , but he is hung like a horse and my wife loves it . She has many o****** .

    I have lots of fun with his wife , though my small p**** does not do much for her

  • The thing is what you are craving in bed at least sometimes is not the way a nice decent man who cares about you and respects you (which it sounds like you appreciate as the most important thing in your marriage)is normally going to feel comfortable behaving.

    Maybe ask him to try ROLE playing a dominant sometime with the understanding that it is just a role and does not mean you don't appreciate his niceness OR that you will think he doesn't respect you. You may think he wouldn't be good at it but you might be surprised as people sometimes enjoy taking on an alter ego in role playing, something they don't normally get to be.

    He comes into a dimly lit room dressed differently, talking in a different tone of voice...you get the idea. Or maybe if he doesn't want to be that guy he would like to watch you be dominated by another man, though it is better if you are not the one to suggest that.

    You won't know until you talk to him. Just do it in a way that does not make him think you feel he is inadequate. Guys are sensitive about such things.

  • Oh, girl. That is not something to be embarrassed about at all. A girl needs her man to be dominant to her. That's just how we're wired. If we don't feel that way in bed, we just aren't sexually satisfied. I'm having a very similar problem now and when he doesn't satisfy me, I can't help but think of how good it would feel to just go do it with some other guy. Maybe "he" can satisfy me.
    Yes, I do subconsciously want to cheat on my man, but no, I won't do it because I just love him way too much to lose that.
    So, the question were really facing is: How do we get our satisfaction without losing what matters?
    I hope you find that answer. I wish I could give it to you, but right now, I'm just as confused as you.
    By the way, sexual urges don't make you a s***.

  • I say inform him. I'm married & whenever i feel a certain way in the bed room or want to try new things i come out and say it. my wife will be down or take a pass. there's nothing wrong with talking to each other about sexual needs & desires. that's the purpose of getting married to him to you both can explore your desirables without passing judgement. now once you two talked about it & you tell him that this urge you having is turning into a need & he don't want to complie, i give you a pass to explore it with someone else (this is what i do) laymen terms, cheat, get it out of your system then live your life as if you didn't. when it comes to anything sexual husbands are normally all ears & gamed. my marriage is the opposite, my wife is stuck in a mental box in the bed room (meaning want to do the same old things we been doing) & my s** drive & experience is greater then hers. but i don't let that keep me from enjoying my life. like you i love my wife & kid & will never go anywhere but the old saying is true. if you feed'em right at home he won't walk the streets looking for food.

  • You are a woman that's discovering her boundaries are different than you thought...you should absolutely go for it! :)

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