The man that I'm in a relationship with now is everything I could possibly have dreamed of wanting. He makes me very happy and I love him more than I've ever loved anyone before. We plan on getting married.
But, there's one problem: One day, I showed him the results I got back from the doctor after I got tested for stds and pregnancy before I got my birth control shot, which was right before we hooked up. I tested clean and very much not pregnant.
He wouldn't sleep with me after that unless I really tried hard to get him to because he said he wanted to get tested to make sure he was clean too. We're both certain that he's clean, but he's a very paranoid person. He does it because he loves me.
One day, he also wouldn't sleep with me because he said I'm not 18 and he's had legal problems with girls that way and it worries him.
We had already had s** after both of these things happening. Quite a few times. I understand, but now, we have some problems. We've been together for probably six months or something now and everything has been perfectly fine.
The 18 thing really p***** me off and he only slept with me after that because he knew I was p*****. We had already slept together before and for him to make a remark about my age out of the blue like that for no reason really aggravates me. Especially about s**.
The doc thing speaks for itself, but I'm just so angry at him deep inside. I have never had a guy reject s** from me.
I have an extremely high self esteem because typical guys around me are usually attracted to me. I've been with two other guys and I'm very good at keeping my legs closed. But, he brought out the sexual desires in me and he isn't satisfying them. I'd really just like to f*** all day and it drives me absolutely, infuriatingly nuts that he isn't playing his part right. Deep inside, when he pulls that s***, I contemplate cheat on him. All I'd have to do is step down the road or send one text and there are plenty of men that would be happy to oblige.
I really want to, honestly, but I won't cheat on him. I love him way too strongly to ever do that. But, it damn sure bothers me that be won't do the job right.
What bothers me even more is the fact that it really lowers my self esteem. Before I was with him, I hung out with people a lot and I got plenty of attention. Now, I'm getting no attention because I stopped doing that due to my moral obligation as his girl. It really really makes me feel insignificant when he does that and he's the only guy I truly want to be with and it deeply hurts me. Maybe that's another reason I feel like cheating. He doesn't know how bad that feels... I don't want to hurt him and I hate that deep down, my sexual frustration with him makes me sort of want to,
I just don't know how to fix that...


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  • If you are as hot as you claim (and I'm not doubting that) the only plausible explanation (to me) is that he is cheating on you behind your back. For me, I can't ever be tied down to one p****. I am married to a really hot woman and yet I still sleep around. It may be that he has already expended himself and doesn't want to be called out when he can't perform. I use some pretty crazy excuses when that happens to me.

  • I'm his second real girlfriend. He only dates when he actually is serious about it. This is the guy that I'm marrying. No, he doesn't have an STD and no, he doesn't have a problem with my age. That's silly. We're way beyond that. He said that because he was just being a j*** those days. That's not the problem here. I'm asking how I can lose the urge to not be faithful, not why I should leave my man because that's not happening. This isn't a relationship that needs to be broken up.

  • Maybe he have an std and don't want to infect u with it, but its too late u need to do another std test.

  • I think you seriously need to study the idea that your age is a problem for him. Not that you're too young but you're too old. Those "legal problems" indicate he's been caught with young girls, or maybe boys, in the past. Sorry.

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