I put a childproof k*** on my son's door to keep him safe

When our son was about two years old, he figured out how to climb over those child proof gates. Sometimes he would get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning before we woke up and would trash the apartment. Then he climbed up to a cabinet one day and ate a bunch of my medication. After that happened, I realized I HAD to do something about him getting out of his room in the middle of the night/early morning. So I put a child proof k*** on the inside of his door. At first it worked out well. When he woke up he would call for us and I at least would wake up and get him out. But my husband started putting him in there whenever he didn't feel like dealing with him or was mad at him, and he would leave him in there for hours, and wouldn't go to him if he cried or anything, and wouldn't let me go in there, so he got a phobia about it. My husband told his mom that I shut him in there after she discovered our son's phobia, and now she thinks I am the one that did that to him. I'm so scared to talk to anyone about it, especially DCF, because it's my fault the childproof k*** got put on there in the first place, even though I never abused it and just used it to keep him safe during the night. Right now I have a restraining order against my husband, and there is soon to be a divorce. Should I even bring this history up, or wait for him to say something about it? I already screwed up by not saying anything about him being a s** offender at the court hearing because he convinced me prior that no one would care (he committed the crime when he was 13)... now it's too late to say anything about it because they'll wonder why I didn't say anything in the first place if it's a big concern of mine. This legal stuff is so confusing. :-/ I'm damned if I say something and damned if I don't... I wish these people would just figure out that we both have been through a H*** of a lot of abuse, that abuse isn't just physical, and that my head has been filled with so many doubts about being believed by the legal community because my husband convinced me no one would believe me just him (and drove this point home by convincing the cops every time I called them over physical violence that I needed to be Baker Acted instead).


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  • Pack your bags and take a walk...you don't need this bullshit. Key West is nice. Call me when you get there. I'm the only CC in the book.

  • I can't go anywhere right now because of the restraining order... if I leave, it's going to look like I'm trying to keep our son away from my husband, and I can lose custody over that. The worst part is, I found out Thanksgiving night that he is masturbating while looking at our son (our son told me about it). And DCF won't do anything about it because there's a court battle... court won't do anything because there's a DCF case open... and NO ONE will do anything anyways I'm told unless there is physical evidence. Basically, he's going to have to RAPE our son before anyone will take action against this. :(

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