happy holiday............b****

sometime tomorrow on thanksgiving late in the morning or early in the afternoon your husband is going to pretend to get a phone call on his cell and when he gets off it he will say hes sorry but an emergency come up at work and he has to go and then hes going to leave. hes going to leave you and your 2 children and your parents behind and he wont be back for thanksgiving dinner or even for leftovers for supper. but he wont be going to work or to any emergency on the job. hes going to be coming to my apartment across town (that he pays for) to have thanksgiving with me and my daughter (that he fathered) and then hes going to make love to me on the thick white carpeted floor of the living room while my daughter takes a nap and then hes going to take me to our bed and make love to me there just in case she might wake up and come out into the living room. no matter whatever his marital status ever is he belongs to me. i dont have to take him from you that already happened 4 years ago and he will always be mine. you know who i am but you really dont have a f****** clue that your husband is my property. i dont care if you ever know or if he ever leaves you because what we have is so much better than what you have with him and he loves me so much more than you and he loves our daughter sooooooo much more than your kids. i hope you have a good thanksgiving because i know i am. and now you know i am.

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  • One day she will find out..and she will own everything and him nothing. Half his paycheck will belong to her...he will not be this great guy that you once knew..only the man that you turned him into! Good luck...b****!

  • One day the guy will wake up from his dreamworld and realize that you lied to him about his having been the father of your b****** child, he'll ask for a paternity test -- which YOU will fail -- and then he'll be gone and you'll be S.O.L., which is right where you should be. W****.

  • How many STDs have you passed on to this guy to bring home to his wife? You may live in a nice apartment (sourtesy of a man), but you're still nothing more than trailer trash. And you never will be more than that,

  • Wow, you're a nasty b****. Why do you live like this ?

  • yeah i am totally nasty. but i like being nasty and having men think that i am that way because a man will never ever forget the nastiest piece of ass he gets in his life and almost all of them will keep going back to the girl who gave it to them to get more and more and more. yes i like being nasty and doing all the things that the wives in the world wont do or that they think are gross so i do all of them and make their men want me instead of them and believe me the men all want their girls to be nasty and to be b******. thats what being nasty is all about and i am proud to say that i am. and i live like this because of love. my relationship with zach doesnt have to be like a regular marriage because its better than a regular marriage. its totally better than whatever the f*** he has with his pitiful horrible regular wife and he loves me more so much more than her and so thats why i live this way. because its sexy and its nasty but mostly because of love.

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