I f***** up

I like this guy, a lot and I know he liked me too. We talk on the phone almost every night and we told each other so much. Whenever we see each other at school we hug and we've had a couple make out sessions when we hangout. We talked about dating each other and all that, and I was sure it was going to become a reality.
Last week was my school dance and I went and got drunk. I was excited because I thought he was going to be there, but he wasn't. I grinded on everyone, as usual and had a pretty good time. At one point I was dancing on one guy and he started fingering me and half raping me on the dancefloor. I didn't notice because I was wasted out of my mind. I regret it though, and it took me a week to tell him. When I told him he was devastated, he told me he didn't know what to think of me anymore. I almost cried.
He doesn't talk to me the same anymore and I know what we had is over. I f***** up, big time, and I lost someone I really care about over a drunken mistake.

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  • W**** don't blame the alcohol. You would of done it sober too! Raped? Good joke!

  • Next time, don't be so quick to confess your mistakes. Men can be f****** ridiculous.

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