Who's the Dad?

I just found out I am three months pregnant. I dont know who the dad is, it could be one of five guys. My parents have told me I can't come home. None of the potential fathers are in my life anymore. I don't know what to do...

Nov 25, 2012

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  • Get the paternity test! The kid will want to know who the dad is! There is lots of support for single moms now days. Hope you don't smoke, drink or do drugs while you pregnant. Give the kids a fighting chance, don't s**** them up from the start.

  • This is why women shouldn't be such s****. Actions have consequences- for you and your kid. Nevertheless, you could still be fine if you try- and smarten up. Work hard and always put your child first and they will see you as a hero. Get a paternity test and make sure the right guy pays child support. He has some responsibility too.

  • The anon of this post is a closed minded ass. Just because you have 5 guys that could potentially be the dad doesn't make you a s***. And even if you are so what? S*** is just the female word for stud! Best thing I can suggest is to do whatever it takes to care for your child and yourself. Good luck and don't let anyone demean you at all. You have your reasons and don't have to explain yourself.

  • >Just because you have 5 guys that could potentially be the dad doesn't make you a s***.

    Reconfiguring words to mean something that doesn't hurt your pwecious fee-fees is causing a lot of trouble in society. Thanks for being part of that cancer. And yes, OP is a $lut.

  • Whatever u do think about it first. this decision will impact the rest of your life. and u are no longer thinking about just u. there are shelters for women, government support. u will qualify for grants to go back to school for free. free childcare if u are in school. do what u know is right for you and baby. good luck.

  • Adoption, you have to think of whats best for the child. You have no home, father, and no one is helping you support yourself. The child will be better in foster care while you should try to find a job and support yourself until your parents forgive you. Good Luck!

  • The idea of adoption is not always right! Foster care is worse! Go to a shelter go to a church find a job find some one who will help you its not to late there are many options I suggest you do what your heart is telling you what to do don't go looking for answers that you end up making you regret what you decided was not what your heart wanted!

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