What the h*** do I do?!

So, I met my boyfriend when he was with another girl.
Don't get excited, he's not a cheater and we didn't hook up while they were together. She's a total psycho, and they eventually broke up. Of course I swooped in because he's f****** hot as f*** and funny as h***. My type to a T. She assumed because we hooked up so soon after their break-up that he must have been f****** me while they were still together. The psycho made an entire slew of fake accounts on facebook dedicated to stalking both of us, and telling our friends and family how we ruined her life. It was funny laughing at her stupidity for a while but now it's reached a new level of creepiness, she actually left a note on my door late last night along with a photo of her and some fat girl flipping me off with the words "you'll be dead soon" written on the back. The note was totally crazy and was basically her depicting how she wants to kill me and hide my body and then tie up my boyfriend and torture him and carve 'cheater' into his chest. What the f***?!?!?!?! I took the s*** to the police today and they didn't really take it very seriously saying how we could get a restraining order, but what the f*** would that do?! If some psycho wants to murder the s*** out of me I'm pretty sure a restraining order isn't going to prevent that from happening especially considering she knows where I live and according to the letter knows which window to come in to 'bash my head in'. What the f*** am I supposed to do?! He broke up with her for good reason, she was a sneaky psycho b****. He hooked up with me because I treat him good, and we're happy together. But this s*** has gotten out of hand, and I'm freaked the f*** out!

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  • Go to the police, demand a lawsuit, and if that doesn't work, get a lawyer. Get your boyfriend involved to testify, seeing as his life may be on the line aswell, and sleep with one eye open. (May help to be well guarded, and see about removing that window.)

  • Making a death threat is a crime. Go back to the police and tell them you want to press charges. If they still refuse to take you seriously talk to a lawyer.

  • That's where it's heading right now. To a lawyer. She drove by my house last night and threw rotten fruit at the windows.

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