I F****** Hate The Polish - Send Them All Back Home - To Europe

Tomuch poor polish people over here now staying in the uk working and staying since 2005 send them all back to europe for 2012 the polos are just like the pakis the polishpakis not 10 come over but they all come over in onepack

now one likes them since world war 2 when thay lost the war against germany the uk is to very soft since the 1970s all the polos should stay in england because it was the english goverment told them all to come over and take over the uk
who is the d******* saying i f****** hate the chinese people i take it you f****** hate yourself get a life you write and speak somuch s***

the chinese people have done more for the people in the uk and in the world much more then any nationlity in the world everything gets made from china and japan and thialand its called having brains i take it your english or a yankees or from europe are you a polo?

i can tell because you speak somuch s*** the world is strange because the people are strange like you i love jackie chan movies and jet li movies i also do marial arts Thank You to the oriental people for bring the marial arts all over to the west for us all to learn and the manga movies and hello kitty. and the good food we all like and love

some of the best xbox games and pc games come out are all from china and japan yes made in china and japan
and tv,s mobile phones also and much more. and cars



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  • Slavic pride world wide. SAK MAJ SLOVAK DIK, ty pico :D

  • Chinese are ugly money grubbing small dicked rude pieces of s***. Suck my d***.

  • So now you know how us Americans feel when the Mexicans keep pouring across the border, taking over our jobs and culture.

  • Wat fukin jobs the jobs that u lamos cant even perform

    U mad funny?

    Dont fukin forget the only reason this country exist is cuz of emmigrants and unless u r a native indian you r immigrant too u fukin brainless idiot !!

  • Suck my polish sausage, moherfuck bitchy!

  • The uk sucks d*** there a bunch of homos and germany sucks ass to

  • Ssij suko!

  • Jebalem twoja matka!

  • Your grammar is the worst I have ever read! You are obviously a thick illegal chinky sponger, every pole I've met speaks English far better than you. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open and you may just learn something you r*****.
    By the way the uk is part of Europe you mutant

  • Suck my pole, f*******!

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