I f***** my husbands brother twice

Same time last year i f***** my husbands brother. Long story short ive been with my husband for eight years 100 percent faithful. My husband on the other hand has been unfaithful off and on ive caught him cheating several times. He is also verbally and physically abusive. Well one day he didnt come home for two weeks he was out cheating and I was devastated. I went looking for him at his familys house and his brother told me he had a secret to reveal. His brother told me that my husband was having an affair with his exwife! Later that day my husband came home and I confronted him and he told me he was having an affair with her! Out of anger and tired of being cheated on and abused I left with his brother. Later that night I f***** his brother for revenge! We got a hotel and some vodka. I was so nervous at first but after a few drinks it happened.The s** was amazing we f***** all night. My husband is usually a minute man. Tue next morning we did it again. I went home two days later. My husband was so angry because I was gone for two days. I told my husband I f***** his brother so now we are even! For two weeks he was sneaking around with his brothers ex so out of jealousy and anger I f***** his brother. My husband and I made up and we are back together bt he always gives me s*** about it and blames everything on me. I dont feel bad for what ive done! Should I feel bad? I love my husband but I needed to teach him a lesson I was working two jobs paying all the bills on my own while he was hitting me calling me names taking my car and money to meet other girls while I was at work for 8 years. His brother always told my husband how lucky he is to have me and how beautiful I was. I never looked at his brother like that. After me and his brother had s** his brother said he still wants to hook up sometimes. I know I was wrong but is it really my fault? Did me f****** his brother for revenge make things worse?


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  • If you want to teach him a lesson get the f**** out of there. You have no self-respect if, first of all, you are letting a man cheat on you and stay with him nonetheless. And secondly, you have no self-respect if you have f***** a man (especially being his brother ), just to teach him a lesson. If you had self-respect you would f*** his brother because he turns you on and leave your husband forever. That relationship is bullshit and a total waste of time. Let me tell you girl, you only live once, and you are throwing your life away. Be BRAVE and find f******* happiness!

  • Get out before you are mentally of physically hurt more. An abuser never stops.If you are there for financial reason, still get out. No money is worth mental or physical abuse.What ever happened with you and his brother does not matter. His cheating does not matter.Only your health and safety do.

  • Sounds like you'd be better off with the brother. I'd still be a screwed up relationship but at least the s** would be hood. Any man who abuses should be kicked in the b**** to the curb. Think more of yourself.

  • GFTO of that relationship. get out. really. just leave. why are you with him? financial reasons? you obviously don't love him, and he doesn't love you in return. people who love each other don't do those kinds of things.

  • IMHO, He is the one that cheated, you didn't. You never hid the fact that you had s** with someone else. He did. You did nothing wrong. Yes you may have made things worse with your husband and more complicated with you BIL. You simply amplified what was already going on. Your BIL likes you and treats you better than you husband. Idk if you want to, but what I would do is tell your husband he can f*** whoever he wants as long as you can too, if not either be faithful or you are through with him. As far as your BIL goes, if you can't come to an agreement your husband will stick to, drop his ass for his brother.

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