V***** is magic

Married for 19 years and have had no problem performing with my wife but she is just not interested in any kind of decent s** life. I am always interested and havve a high s** drive. However, the few times ive been with other women, I have had trouble getting an erection. It just didnt feel right. Neighbor asked one day if I had tried v*****. I had not and he gave me one. My life has changed. I am banging chicks left and right. Seriously, I have gone from being a limp D*** flirt to a p*** super hero. I am a good lover and now am able to share with other beautiful women. I know this is wrong and I don't pursuit other women, but I certainly don't say no when the opportunity is there. Recently had a high school reunion and I made love to three women from high school over one weekend. I feel completely out of control. I take 3 or 4 v***** a week and feel like I am a different person from who I was 3 months ago. I am living a sexual dream and a marriage nightmare. I cant seem to slow down and not sure if I want to.

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  • If it was natural for men to s**** many women, then why do you need drugs to pull it off? Hmmm....

  • Lol I'm so sick and tired of this 'men are hardwired to have tons of s** with tons of women!' Bs What are women hardwired to do then? cook and clean? You bore your wife and you make s** into a chore for her and you wonder why she isn't interested. Maybe try to make things not always so obviously about yourselves and your wives wouldn't end up so bored of you. Because right now, for her you aren't worth the time it takes to clean up afterwords

  • F*** every b**** u can get

  • Lllooolll! F*** a way,buck-aroo!!

  • My Little P****: V***** is Magic

  • Don't listen to these haters, they are just jealous that you get more p**** than they can even dream about. I say good for you. Men have needs. We are naturally wired to have lots of s** with lots of women. It's in our DNA. Instead of trying to conform to what others want us to be, I'm glad you are taking care of your needs. Do be careful though, I don't want to see a marriage end on an STD note. And, make sure you are not going at it too much to be able to perform for your wife on demand. If she spontaneously wants s** and you can't follow through to the end, she will get suspicious (speaking from personal experience) although I have never used v*****, maybe that can work as a cover for that too... hmmm...

  • I was thinking the exact same thing as I read this. Enjoy your A.I.D.S... and your divorce, Lover boy.

  • Warning: Viagara doesn't prevent STD transmission...and there is no such thing as safe s**. Condoms do not fully protect from std's in case you think you have insurance there. The s**** you're banging who don't care that you're married ? One of them is probably going to give you a nice viral present one of these days. And then you won't be able to f*** your wife without passing it on to her OR warning her ahead of what you caught and confessing what you've done to acquire it, lover boy.

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