Cheated On My Boyfriend Cause He Is A Cheap B******

My cheapo boyfriend wouldn't even buy me a to die for diamond fashion ring that cost $3,000. He said it was too expensive. I told him he could open a credit account and make payments, but he wouldn't. To try to appease me he said he buy me a s***** thousand dollar ring. No way. I don't settle. I was so p***** I screwed my boyfriend's best friend. I don't care if my cheapskate boyfriend finds out. It will serve him right. And he won't leave me. I got that boy wrapped around my finger. I just might leave him though if his friend will buy me that diamond ring.



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  • Get a job and stop being a leech

  • I don't know anyone who just has $3000 lying around, so I don't think he's being cheap. Economical? Maybe, but that's practical. Buying an expensive ring isn't.

  • Real men who went to graduate school and got a real f****** job that paid more than minimum wage.

  • I don't understand, what was so special about the ring? I mean yeah it sparkles but that's about it. I'm a girl and I think that both the $1000 and the $3000 are just too much for a rock and a strip of metal. I think if you really want the ring you can get yourself a credit card and buy it, and if you really don't like the $1000 ring then sell it and use the money for something else.

  • Still thinking of you, still wanting to meet you, still wanting to marry you.

  • Hey ma little bunny,well first Ill introduce ma self.I m hamid abid tukbullah,55 from QATAR.I have 3 oil rigs.I can buy u anything u want, but ma d*** is sooo stinky n small 4inch and my B******* r so wrinkly.I am beard n bald old man, looking for w**** lik u.Considering all these post I guess you'll will marry me.I m waiting for u my sweetie.*****And whtf u r taking abt s***** french food n cheap restaurants Ill gift u dozens of hotels.but u need 2 sleep with ma father,my all 7 brothers also.

  • Ohh man .she definitely marry u n f*** ur all bros.She might a w****.

  • If neither of those little boys get you that ring, honey, you let me know and I'll get it for you. Actually, I'll get you an engagement ring to go along with it, because you are exactly what I need as a wife. And there won't be any of that jealousy bullshit from me: if you ever decide you want to play, you can go play and still come home when you're done. You are the hottest and most incredible woman I've ever encountered, and you are seeeeeeeerious marriage material. I don't want to be your sponsor: I want to be your husband.

  • Seriously, you are like scalding hot, and I want to marry you. It's all I can think about.

  • I hope you check in soon to see if there are responses to your original post, before it can hijacked by The All-Caps A******. I want to connect with you, and I want to marry you.

  • Still love you. Still want to marry you. Still waiting for you.

  • Lol good job s***

  • The haters will be happy to hear my rich boyfriend said he couldn't afford me anymore. Can you imagine? Another cheap b******!!! But that's ok. Plenty of other rich guys would die to be with me. And, news flash, I'm going on a date with a richer guy who used to flirt with me when I was with my cheapo boyfriend. So there, haters!!!

  • I would have done exactly the same thing. Good for you, Girl!

  • You are exactly what is wrong with this f***** up country...No class, no morals, no dignity...You are such a pathetic excuse for a female. Women like you will only get anything and everything you deserve...MISERY!

  • Kiss my ass!!! Mr. Judgement Butt Boy!!! P.S. Save your breath for your blow up doll date!!! LOL!!!

  • I don't wish to be labeled crass or childish but in all honesty what is wrong with you... Better question I assume would be what is wrong with your childish mental state... In all my years I've never read something so grotesque as this... Now I'm a well to do fellow in the art of cash but never would I consider a pathetic vile reputance of human waste such as yourself even worthy of a glare much less a diamond ring... I pray you read this and sulk... Perhaps you could work a bit more than your waist to get what you want oh but that would require more mental capacity than a Christian... Any who Tata for now enjoy being a w**** I'll see you in the paper when you have finally silenced your twentieth child

  • Blah, blah, blah, Dumbass Poser!!!

  • Wow. You're a complete b**** for that.

  • Suck it, Pimple Face!

  • Oh, my another nincompoop. I know what he wants LOL!!!

  • Thank you Jesus!!! for the intelligant comment below. I get so very board with the dumbass hater comments. Ho hum!!! And thank you sweetie Suzanne for your brilliant comment. To the haters KISS MY ASS!!!

  • Ignore the whiners. You did the right thing. Life is too short to be poor and miserable like the jerks wring dumb comments. I was where you were once and improved my life by snagging a rich boyfriend. He is no Brad Pitt but man o man he has enough money to buy a country. Now I have loads of nice expensive things and live in the lap of luxury. Love, Suzanne

  • You're nothing but a w****!

  • To treat a man like that is so immature. You cheated on him and broke his heart for a f****** ring? Shallow and childish. Grow up!

  • Oh my and mercy me!!! I got a hater from a third world country. DO YOU SPEAKEEE ENGLISH? What a coincidance, My chruch did outreach in London, Belize giving people stuff there so they could find Jesus. You are probably one of the lucky poor persons that got a computer from us. I hope you got some Jesus too but I doubt it with that potty mouth. P.S. You may not speekee enough English to understand this mr third world but KISS MY ASS ANYWAY!!!

  • Um... Are you stupid?

  • I said england london f***er! Can u not read? As far as speaking the queens english, I speak it better than all u dumb american f***ers and I am more intelligent than all u american red necks who talk like u have dog s*** in ur mouths. We should have never govem u dumb cowboys ur freedom, in 1776 u and ur f***ed up country suck.

  • Yea im from england london and ur such a little b**** that is lots of money £3.000 is soo much in english money but i dont know what it is in dollars all i know is that u need to get a job and see what its like to work lazy ass f***er

  • According to Google, $3000 is 2038.94 pounds.

  • F****** gold digger! I hate b****** like you.

  • Ur a selfish greediest b**** and u sux!

  • Got my eye on a green Gallardo Lamborghini!!! And Lordy I would look sooooooooo HOT driving one of those!!! If my boyfriend gets dumb and says he won't buy it then ta ta no s** for that boy until I get the keys to my dream car in my hands!!! Then I'll give him some hanky panky for a reward!!!! A woman has her ways!!! Gosh, I almost forgot. This goes out to the dorky haters KISS MY ASS STUPID LOSERS!!!

  • Kudos on the troll job look at all the dickheads who feed you.

  • You mam are just one spoiled little brat.
    You should have been happy you even got a ring but no you had to sleep with his best friend just beacuse you didn't get the ring you wanted.

  • My, my, my. Lord have mercy!!! Now I have, LOL, a racist hater. I love it!!! What an idiot!!!

    P.S. Dear mental racist hater, I see you have set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public!!! And just for wittle ole me. How sweet. LOL!!!

  • Gold digger! Go get a job and buy it yourself Lazy ass b****! You look like a 6yo who makes a scene whenever she doesnt get what she wants.. You must be a f***** black w****... lets go back to slavery or KKK

  • Sounds like someones a gold digger.

  • Oh, wow!!! I got a sponsor!!! See that haters!!! I'm so good I got a sponsor!!!

  • Kisses to my fans for their brilliant comments!!! Nice to see intelligent people get me!!! Love, Moi, The Southern Belle Material Girl

  • If more women were as smart as you, none of us would be on welfare or living in trailer parks. I am going to dump my cheap ass boyfriend and make something out of my life with a rich guy too. Everybody says I am hot and have a great body so I know I can do better than that lazy ass loser I'm stuck with. S**** him!

  • I like the way you don't let the stupid haters get to you. I'm a rich guy from Jersey and I routinely date quality women like you. If you didn't have a boyfriend, I would be interested in going out with you. And forget about the haters they are little whiners who don't matter. You are a princess among women.

  • I admire your honesty. Many girls are like you and there is not a thing wrong with wanting nice things and financial security. I like your style and wish I had the gumption to be like you. I settled for a loser like the haters who are jealous of you, but know they could never be in your league. You are my hero. - I heart you. Love, Misty

  • I agree with Misty. You don't need to be with no cheap bastards.

  • Keep those comments coming, my b******!!! I'm so happy I'm going to dance!!! Oppa gangnam style! Hey sexxxxxy meeeee! oh oh oh oh!!!!

  • Keep them coming my b******!!! You know you love me!!! Now KISS MY ASS!!! LOL!!!

  • Thank you my b******!!! I'm the Queen of ConfessionPost WOOHOO!!! I think I'll make my boyfriend buy me expensive gifts to celebrate the occasion!!!

    P.S. To the haters KISS MY AWESOME ASS LOSERS!!!

  • A cheat ring for a cheater .... now that funny,

  • Troll.

  • F***** c*** and yes im talking to you lady!

  • So materialistic! he's probably a smart man who knows where to invest his money for better returns... i bought by girl a 9 grand ring she made me take it back and buy a 2 grand one! i think he was being generous, wouldn't waste a $500 on you if i was your bf.

  • F****** r***** , you want to be the "queen" of confession post? are you that much of a loser? voting for yourself, commenting on your own post, making up stories, there are people who have actual problems, not just your fake ass stories, s*******

  • Well, golly gee, where have all the cowboys gone??? LOL!!!

  • Well, my b******, where are my bumps? I drive these brothers crazy. My bump, my bump, my bump, my bump, my bump, Ta ta LOSERS!!!

  • They are losers. I wish I knew you in person. I can tell you are a high quality women who deserves the best things in life. I can tell you are hot as h***, and wish I was your lucky boyfriend. I'd buy you that diamond and anything else you wanted. Good things don't come cheap, and you more than a good thing. You're a princess that deserves to be pampered.

    Love and lots of hugs,


  • So true, Elof. So true. Lots of love and hugs back atcha. Unlike the losers on this board you are a prince of a man. If I didn't just get a generous boyfriend, I'd surely be up for a little chit chat with you and maybe something more. Ciao, Sweety. And thank you for your intelligent compliments.

  • Don't stop now dumbass losers. I need more comments!!! Keep them coming!!! I will be the queen of confessionpost. LOL!!! and break all the records for most comments. Thank you muchly my b******.

    Oh, I almost forgot. My new beau took me to a fancy french restaurant. The food was "tres bien" yummy. You b****** did not know I could speak french. My beau is teaching me.
    And I know the out of work losers on this board could never afford that kind of classy place or pronounce the names of the french food. Best those mushheads can do is a big mac and some stinky fries if their mommies give them enough allowance money, LOL!!! LOSERS!!!

  • Keep them coming boys!!! I love it and you know you want what you can't have and surely can't afford, lol!!!


  • Lol, dingbats!!!

  • Oh my, the kiddies have come out to play, lol. Because they have small d**** and pimply faces and can't get a hot women like me they do their stupid stuff here, lol.

  • Lol, loser!!!

  • Humph! That junk below must be another no life having hater who is jealous of wittle old me because I have it all now and he has nothing, lol.I cannot believe all the jealous losers here. Come to think of it I can. They have nothing and zero lives. I have a rich boyfriend who WILL become my husband and buy me a big house maybe with some horses and a humongous indoor swimming pool and some maids so I will not have to bust my back working or worse break a nail instead of working on my tan and other beauty treatments this high maintenance beauty requires and totally deserves. I'll be the Paris Hilton of my little town in sweet home Alabama. Gosh, I hit the jackpot!!!

  • Your experience is living proof why women shouldn't date losers.

  • I did that to. Cheap p**** wanted to buy me a fake 1 carrot diamand engagment ring instead of a real nice one. I said f** you and got me a guy who bought me a nice 1 carrot diamond engagment ring. I dont do no settling either.

  • It's dumb w****.

  • Oh I forgot to mention. My new boyfriend took me to Starbucks and we had frapacheenos. I never even heard of them because my cheapo ex was too cheap to buy me good coffee. And guess what? He bought me roses to and is going to take me on vacation to Vegas where he said I can spend up to $1000 gambling!!! Gosh I am sooo excited!!! You see that. I am getting benefits already because I was a smart girl who dumped a cheap ass boyfriend. Eat your hearts out, losers!!!

  • You did the right thing. We all deserve happiness. If your ex had really loved you he would have bought that ring on credit like any guy worth his salt would have. Instead, he insulted you by offering you a cheaper ring. What a j***!

  • All you haters posting dumb stuff are just jealous because I'm a ballsy girl who knows what she wants and gets it while you men with teensy p***** and you women with flat chests sit on your fat a**** and don't do nothing.

    So, once again, KISS MY ASS B******!!!

  • Exciting Update! Dumped my cheapo boyfriend for his friend and got the ring! It is soooo beautiful!!! Just goes to show you don't have to settle. And hugs and kisses to Melvin my new and generous boyfriend. oooxxx

  • If you want it so bad, buy it yourself.

  • To all you jerks who made rude comments to me just because I wanted a nice ring, KISS MY ASS!

  • Babe, if you are as hot as you sound, I would buy you a $30,000 dollar ring and any other thing your little heart desired. And I'd crawl over a thousand miles of broken glass just to be with you. I can tell you are worth all that and more.



  • Don't listen to the dimwitted jerks with their rude comments, hon. They know you're hot and way out of their league. Those snivelling, little twits are ill-bred, vulgar boys not man or monied enough for high class women like you and me.

    Regards from another classy lady who knows what she wants and gets it.

    - Ms Robyn

  • You suck! Hope that helps. - Squadfather.

  • Duh, Girl! What were you doing with a cheapo in the first place? I make sure I know what a guy is worth, like how much money he makes a year, if he has savings, etc., before I get serious with him, and he better buy me lots of quality stuff or it's see ya wouldn't wanna be ya. And I'm more than worth it with my beautiful looks and body to die for. And no sense in saddling yourself with a guy who doesn't have any money. Why starve to death with a poor p**** when you can eat high on the hog with a rich one. There are too many big fish in the sea to settle for a minnow.

  • You are right. I should have been more selective and found out how much he was worth. I'm dumping him today. I'll miss his big p****, but no p**** is big enough to make up for being stingy.

  • You did the right thing. Never settle for a cheap b******. If you married that loser you'd have nothing to show for your hard work in landing a "provider." If the friend has the big bucks and is good in bed, dump the cheapo and go with the winner.

  • Thank you. It's nice to read an intelligent reply on here. The haters are just cheap bastards with little d****.

  • No woman deserves money from a man just because she is f****** him- that's the very difinition of being a w****. Why don't you get a job and see what it takes to make $3,000 working instead of on your back you street trash.

  • Your stupid you should of charged your bfs best friend then maybe you could afford your own ring dumbass

  • Wow that guy is a stupid as now the friend he deserveds props s******* this cheap well actually free hoe hahaa fucken dumb as is like my man bought me a thousand dollar ring so I f***** his friend that'll teahc him ahahaha shut up trying to look for a super lame excuse to be a hoodrat you fucken pennyless s***

  • Haha this hoe bragging about getting used by her bfs bestfriend stupid hoe you ain't worth anything that guy is too good for youfucken golddigger I bet you are all loose and ugly af and ppl just pity and use you too

  • Trailer trash doesn't deserve a ring,Even from the gumball machine.:)

  • Don't listen to the morons. Dump that cheap b******.

  • Well, he's doing you a service by not buying you that ring. you're not worth that much obviously. duh.

  • You are a disgusting person.

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