My best friend's panties

I have a wonderful best female friend and I have on several occations taken her used panties, sniffing them while masturbating. Once when we were on a holiday she was going to have a shower and put her clean underwear in the bathroom, but I said I wanted to have a shower first so she said sure go ahead. Her panties and bra was lying on the toilet seat. I was sniffing them, even though they were clean, but the thought of her going to wear them was such a turn on. I got very aroused, fantasising about kissing her slim body...i have once seen her nude so I know what she looks like and her body is sooo slim and sexy. I imagined sucking her perky t*** and her stiff nipples, and licking her pink wet p****. I realised she was going to wear her underwear soon and knowing that my c** would be rubbing against her t*** and p**** was sooo exciting. Soon I felt that familar warm tingling sensation in my b**** and by now I was wanking more intensely. Soon I exploded in a wooonderful o*****, shooting several streaks of my c** into her panties and bra. Then I shaved and had a shower, and before I left the bathroom I checked on her underwear and saw the c** was not too obvious, the white had soaked into the fabric but both her panties and her bra were quite wet. I was panicking because I knew she would notice. A couple of minutes after I got out she got into the bathroom and I heard her undressing and getting into the shower. Then when she was finished I heard her shouting at me sarcastically "can you make a more mess when you shower? you made my underwear wet". My god! I was lucky, she didn't realise the wetness came from my c**. I heard her dress and soon she came out, holding her used underwear in her hands. So she had put on the c**-stained bra and panties after all! I asked her outright: "does it feel weird to have wet panties on?" and she looked at me with sparkling eyes, giggled and said "yeees sweety but i sometimes get a little wet from being h**** so im used to it hihihi". This was such an unbelivable turn on. Later that day I was masturbating two more times from the excitement, and both times I was sniffing her used panties.

Dec 2, 2012

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  • I do enjoy wearing my wife’s sexy bikini panties 24/ 7

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  • My wife’s friend jacked me off in a downstairs bathroom at my in-laws house. She pulled her top up so I could play with her t*** and her dress up and jacked me off in her panties and on her p****. She pulled up her panties and pantyhose straightened her dress and her top we kissed and she went upstairs and sat next to her husband.

  • I jacked off to my friends panties one afternoon that I found in her room!!!

  • I dont see the turn on to sniffing dirty panties. most have s*** in them.

  • , my wife taste like honey, and i have shared them with several friends.

  • Who's have you been sniffing???!!! All the ones I sniff smell deliciously of pootang!!

  • I steal my friends panties and bras and wear them i j****** and shoot so much of my c** into them they get stiff then i put them back in her pantie drawer

  • I wear a pantie type boxer shorts , but they don't compare to my friends wife's panties which i c** on and leave on all day.

  • Dude, you're a creep.

  • Indeed. They are one sick puppy.

  • And you are here, talking. What does that makes you?

  • There is nothing creepy about reading and commenting on other people's public confessions. What would be creepy is reading their diaries without their permission.

  • In rock hard at the moment can't wait to c**

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